Top Ten

I know, I just blew your mind a little bit there didn’t I?

Full Bucket List

Here is the full list of the things that I completed prior to actually buying the bucket list book.

All Of Me

The final pieces to this puzzle are #4, #9, #14, #19, #24, and #25.

I Run

It’s my drug of choice.

Be A Gentleman

let’s get specific about some stuff here…. In no particular order

Be A Man

I’ve been told multiple times that I should do something to teach men how to be gentlemen.

My Opinion?

do not take my opinion as that of all veteran African American thirty one year old fathers in the U.S.


All in all, it has been a very interesting and eye opening experience so far.

Bucket List (Third Update)

I changed this around a bit and took out the old stuff (you were skimming through it anyway, let’s be honest here).

About Who?

Honestly, I’ll probably just end up copying and pasting this into my “About Me” section.