~You’re So Vain

Originally posted 12 July 2017


Unfinished Business: Untitled 6

I’m not sure how good or bad it really is that there’s parts of this story that are somehow blocked from my memory. But I can tell you that I’m not gonna strain myself with trying to piece together the broken fragments. I’ll just give you what I can immediately recall and leave it at…

Unfinished Business: Untitled 5

I’m going to talk about dating for these next couple of posts because all-in-all my dating life (minus my long-term relationships) thus far has been… Laughable. Not because I have a couple drafts that I want to clear out, oh no, not that at all… On today’s episode of “most embarrassing things that I am…

Me Too

I feel like one day I woke up and saw #MeToo all over the internet

Dry Run

this might motivate me to sign up for more races


I can barely force the name out as she takes me in.