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So… Contrary to what you might read in my blog, I suck at writing about myself. Actually, no, it’s not so contrary. The posts within this blog kinda suck too. Ok, I guess this is the part where I give you a bit of background about myself… Nope.

I did that in a post a while back called About Who, go check it out. Hmm, now what? Oh, I’ve seen people post their contact info in here, so I guess I should go ahead and do that… Nope.

I’ve posted that before too, go here to check that one out. Are you getting annoyed yet? Did I someway somehow give you the impression that I care? I don’t. Where was I? I guess that I could (at the very least) give you a brief overview of what my blog is about… You guessed it, Nope!

Go read it you lazy do-nothing! It’s full of stuff about things written by yours truly in an attempt to give readers words to look at and process. Crap, I fear that I might have just said too much.

Until next time, you should know that I end all of my posts (aside from my “works” of fiction) with a random and often nonsensical sign off that I start wit (autocorrect let this one slide, so why are you worried about it? Huh? Sometimes I type “wit” instead of “with”, sometimes “th” instead of “the”. Get over it ya grammar nazi… I guess that would make you a spelling Nazi, not a grammar Nazi. But spelling does kinda fall under grammar. Oh whatever, I don’t know, you’re still a Nazi. Or Isis, yea, Isis it is. Get out of here Isis, take your blog judgement with you….. This sidebar ended up being WAY longer than intended, and now you’ll probably have to scroll back up and reread this paragraph while skipping over this sidenote just to understand the sentence that I injected this into. I feel kinda bad about this, but I also feel like at this point it would be weird for me to apologize, so take that Isis!) “until next time”.


P.S. Yea, I lied. Pretty much all of my nonfiction post actually end with a post statement… And/or post statement statement… And/or a post post statement. Here I usually give some insight into the significance (of lack there of) of the post’s featured picture. However, (as you can tell) I’m in rare form right now, so I’m not telling! I mean, c’mon. It’s a guy and a baby. Take a wild guess… Good day.

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  1. Heather Wilcox says:

    Simply amazing. I’m
    Well under qualified to judge but fuck it I’m the average human and I say amazing always an interesting read . Keep it up ! Some of these should go in the men blogs in cosmo . Love it . Period .

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    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully some of these will be published soon🤞


  2. Hi! I just wanted to see if you’d be interested in posting a link to my blog on your blog and in return I’ll post a link for your blog on my blog.

    Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the link I’d like for you to use.

    Thank you!


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  3. I hope you are well. I am currently writing a Domestic Violence Awareness Poetry book. It is called Poetically Broken. I was wondering if you would like to contribute a poem or two to it based on your own experiences? Or, if you would rather share an experience with me and I could turn it into a poem for you. At which, I would share with you before adding it to the book. If you prefer to not take part, I truly understand and Just wanted to offer you a chance. You can use your name, It can be anonymous, or use a pen name. -Brittany Gunderson


    1. Wow, I’m sorry that I’m just now getting back to you. I’m doing pretty well, how are you doing? I’d definitely like to contribute if the offer is still on the table


    2. That particular book is done but I am doing the sequel which is the same as the first one and you are more than welcome to contribute 😁


    3. Oh ok, sorry I missed it. But yeah, I’ll definitely contribute


    4. Nice just email me any poems you wish to contribute to blg2011motherof2@yahoo.com


    5. Cool, I just emailed you


  4. Kursed says:

    Hey! I love your posts and that’s why I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award – http://www.kirstythroughthelookingglass.com/mystery-blogger/


    1. Thanks again! Please don’t get too upset about the pastilles haha we have sour patch kids… That’s close, right?


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