Well… I kind of told you already that I was going to be lazy and just copy this from my About Who? blog… I’ll go through and make some changes to this (eventually), I realize that nobody wants to read the same thing twice. So for now, don’t read this. It is almost exactly the same as that blog… It’s a work in progress, what do you want from me!?

I am a father to an eleven year old genius. I really don’t care what you have to say about your kids, my son is better. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry haha take that. I have one sibling, A sister who is 8 years younger than I am with a 2 year old daughter (obviously the second best kid in my world). As a result of my time in the military, I have a rather large collection of “brothers from other mothers”, some I talk to regularly, others I haven’t heard from in years, but brothers just the same. My father passed away a couple of years ago from a (what I assume to be diabetes related) heart attack. My mother, is alive and kicking, living in Jersey (I know, I know). Outside of my immediate family I am pretty close with my grandmother on my mother’s side but aside from that my extended family and I do not have a lot of interaction. O? Occupation.

When someone asks me about my job I jokingly tell them that I am an adult babysitter. But by all accounts I am. I supervise grown children for a security company in Delaware. It’s actually apparently the largest security company in the world, which is why I guess they can afford to have such horrible hiring practices. I cover the shifts when someone calls out or is running late. I’m the one that shows up when you need backup dealing with an incident. I yell, I laugh, I work crazy hours, I scan and take pictures of things, and write stuff down. Actually, it is not as exciting as it sounds, and to be honest it doesn’t even sound exciting at all. Aside from that, I am a Marine. I’ve been “in theater” thrice over and have done a little over 12 years so far in the reserves. Oddly enough, this is also not as exciting as it sounds, but it definitely has its moments. And now, Recreation (P.S. I just reread this and saw that “God” typo… I’m going to go ahead and leave that one in there… You are welcome ahead of time).

Well, blogging for one. I think that I might be a blogger. I’m not sure. Just the same as I think that I might be a runner. My favorite running quote is actually one that I use as my mantra, it’s “my sport is your sport’s punishment”. I wonder how much and how consistently I have to blog and run in order to consider myself a blogger and a runner. Ah, I’m done, like it or not I am going to start calling myself a blogger (sounds a little hipster, maybe I’ll just stick to saying that I “have a blog”) and a runner. I am working on adding more hobbies to my repertoire but for now running stupid long distances is pretty much my bread and butter. I have a love/hate relationship with reading. It’s like going to the gym, I LOVE reading when I am doing it consistently, but if I god for a while without cracking open a book I start to make up reasons to avoid them. I’m kind of a movie buff, My favorite is the Rocky saga. Of course I exclude the movie between Rocky IV and Rocky Balboa. However, I firmly believe that you can not fully appreciate the saga unless you have suffered through the movie where the one and only good scene (“touch me and I’ll sue”) in the whole damn thing occurs at the very end of the movie. Anyhoo, I like movies. My favorite genre? I guess my top five would be a toss up between Horror (“Is he dead” “They never are”, pass it onanything with a psychological undertone), Thriller (“any questions?”, “welcome to phase 2”), Drama (oh the feels, anything Tarantino), Action (sleeppretty much everything Marvel), and those 80’s power ballad infused man movies full of absurdities (Rocky… obviously!, Swayze!). Last but not least….. My Dreams.

I am currently studying psychology in hopes of one day becoming a counselor (and eventually a psychologist) for at risk youth. I could go on and on about the things that I want to accomplish and the ways in which I want to improve myself or how I’m working on becoming a jack of all trades but master of none (well, master of “some”) but I did start this whole thing off by saying that I would try to keep it short. I truly hope that I accomplish all of my dreams. At the same time, I truly hope that I never feel fully accomplished. I want my  dreams to grow and evolve as I do. I want to spend my life chasing and accomplishing different dreams and then dreaming up new ones to go after.