Captain’s Log Four Loko

I'm losing it


Unfinished Business: Untitled 5

I'm going to talk about dating for these next couple of posts because all-in-all my dating life (minus my long-term relationships) thus far has been... Laughable. Not because I have a couple drafts that I want to clear out, oh no, not that at all... On today's episode of "most embarrassing things that I am … Continue reading Unfinished Business: Untitled 5

Unfinished Business: Cuffing Season

I actually have a rule against starting a relationship during "Cuffing Season". It makes no sense to me. It's just as weird for me to expect to receive a gift for Christmas as it is for me give one to someone that I've just started dating.

Unfinished Business: Untitled 3

I guess this could be a "follow-up" to a couple of different posts, so I guess just click the links as you go.   One of my friends (who I have previously had a romantic relationship with) has been hinting at us recently. And the reason that her and I can't date is something that … Continue reading Unfinished Business: Untitled 3