What a beautiful disaster.


She sauntered her way onto the snow and ice covered pond in Ryan’s backyard and proceeded to cover herself in the powder. Repeatedly, she would jump to touch the sky, crash to the ground, and flail in the breeze as she did so. With each jump she grew larger, and louder. Ryan awoke to the thunderous roar of the ice cracking under her weight. He sat up in bed and looked out the window.

There she was. Spinning and driving herself deeper into the pond. It was impossible for him to tell where she began and where she ended.

In his former years, Ryan was a recreational Chaser and now, as an adult with the means to support his infatuation, all of his free time was consumed by the hunt. With each pursuit he found himself walking the fine line between being in love with and lusting after them, but this one was different. This one gave no chase. He didn’t have to use any tricks or “tools of the trade”. This one came to him. She. Chose. Him.

At present, she was glowing in the moonlight a couple hundred yards away, taunting him. Waterspout, Snow Devil, Snowspout, it really doesn’t matter what you choose to call her. This Ice Queen was beautiful, and Ryan wanted more than anything to become her King. He stood and peddled his way across the room. As he reached for the door she sent a gust of wind through with such force that the door became unhinged as it was tossed aside.

Ryan stood there, motionless, ogling her for a moment as she danced in the distance. He studied her bends, his eyes widening as she spun faster and faster. She seemed unaffected by the weather. The cold, the wet, the snow, none of it phased her. It just added to her beauty as she added more and more to her collection.

Pounding against his chest, like a bird in a cage pointing its beak between the bars in the direction that it wants to fly, Ryan’s heart lead him through the doorway. His feet followed suit. Over the deck, down the stairs, and onward he went. She tested him, pummeling him with winds, alternating between pushing him away, pulling him closer, and at times even pinning him to the ground. Ryan planted his hands, dug his feet into the snow and willed his body forward. If this was a test Ryan was determined to prove himself worthy. She flung ice and pitched snowballs, and he kept coming. She bounced on the pond, the shockwave sent Ryan into the air, but he kept coming.

Finally, Ryan made his way to the water. He heaved himself onto one of the last remaining pieces of ice. He bent his frozen hands into shape, drove them into the water, and paddled out in front of her. Exhausted and scared, she began a slow retreat. Ryan leaned back into a kneel, spreads his arms and pleaded, “TAKE ME, I’m yours!” And with her dying breath she reached down and lifted him from ground

Tim, thanks again for letting me use this picture!

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