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Originally posted 20 June 2017

Unfinished Business: Winning

I play the lottery about once ever three to four months, whenever I randomly pass a Powerball billboard and the number on the sign makes me do a double take. I know, I know, the chances of me winning are about as good as the chances of me being at the beach during a sharknado….

Unfinished Business: Untitled 3

I guess this could be a “follow-up” to a couple of different posts, so I guess just click the links as you go.   One of my friends (who I have previously had a romantic relationship with) has been hinting at us recently. And the reason that her and I can’t date is something that…

Unfinished Business: Untitled 2

Here’s a list of the things that we need to teach our children. Let me clarify. It’s a list, of things that for one reason or another we do not talk to our children about. For me? I kinda just hope that my kid will somehow pick these up on his own I guess… Or…

Unfinished Business: Oh, You’re A Marine!?

I get it, military personnel are not people that you normally get to see on a daily basis. We are, in many ways, a mystery. With that in mind I am going to try to keep a relatively open mind with this one. If you keep up with my blog you’ll know that I recently…

Me Too

I feel like one day I woke up and saw #MeToo all over the internet