I usually let my fiction speak for itself, but i felt like this one needed a bit of an explanation. So I’ve started this thing, in my Kik group, where we make up short (very short) stories about people who leave the group. Of course I have to share them with you guys!


Nick left after we started to give Huey Happy Birthday wishes ~ Bye Nick. Nick obviously hates birthdays. You see, way back when his uncle Richard was mauled by a werewolf on his birthday. Poor Nick witnessed the entire thing. Rich ran for the door but just couldn’t make it in time. Nick was frozen, fearstruck, he wanted to reach for the door. But he couldn’t. He just sat there, hyperventilating into his birthday kazoo. The sound woke his parents who shielded his eyes from this terrifying sight. ~


Brian joined the group and left less than a second later ~ He suddenly realized he was in the wrong group. His 18th birthday isn’t for another 6 million years. He is but an amoeba. An amoeba who couldn’t type fast enough. ~


Princess asked about Huey’s birthday cake and left before getting a response. ~ A true lover of cake, that Princess. I remember once, when the king and queen were off raping and pillaging, the princess decreed that the second day of every month would be Cake Day. Fair the well Princess. ~ The princess just decided to be a female rapper just after she have discovered that the Prince who was promised to marry be since her young age just cheated on her with Millionaire 60 years old lady…So she is not a blogger anymore.Sucess to the princess ~


Martin was an older guy with a full head of grey hair who entered the room and left a couple of days later without ever saying a word ~ Oh Martin… He spent the majority of his days tending to his expertly styled hair. I remember it like it was yesterday, he said “how’s my hair”, and I kid you not, the woman that he asked burst into flames. Damndest thing ~

P.S. Since it’s a blogger’s group, and I did not write these all on my own, it’s only right that I include a link to some of the blogs of some of the members of my group… You should check them out after reading this.








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  1. I liked Brian’s thing… hilarious


    1. Ha yea, it is, I believe that one was done by Kirsty


  2. marlenysilvablog says:

    Al , I just can’t stop laughing…And you are awesome (as always). Keep going and Thank you very much 😊


    1. Aw, thank you!


  3. gigglingfattie says:

    …I bet I could get Nick to like birthdays…


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