Day 14

30 day blogging challenge

3 healthy habits

Overall I’d like to think that I live a relatively healthy lifestyle. But I’m not really sure which habits I can single out as being particularly “healthy”. Yeah… I’mma go bare bones here; I eat, drink, and move. That works, right?

I eat. A lot. Don’t you judge me, skinny guys gotta eat! My meals are generally pretty healthy. I stray away from candy and opt for fruit more often than not. I plan to rant about this later but for now I’ll just say that I’m like 90% sure that’s it’s more important to watch the kind of carbs that you take in than the amount. So, with that said, I eat carbs… All the carbs.

I drink. Water. It’s almost sickening how much water I consume. Seriously, it’s boring, and makes me a little sick to my stomach. But, it’s better than the alternative. And it’s weirdly addicting. I mean, I crave it every time I think about it, but that’s not what I mean. When my body goes a day or two without it’s normal gazillion ounces of water it slips into withdrawal. My skins dries, lips chap, joints stiffen… I mean, it’s a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem.

I move. Not nearly as often as I would like, but I still think that I move a little more than the average bear (I’m writing this on my phone. If it thinks that I should end this sentence with “bear” that’s what I’m going to do. Don’t judge me, or my phone). According to my Fitbit I’m averaging a good 1500ish steps a day, I spend 3 days a week training for an upcoming marathon, and (when I’m not away for work) I workout with November Project (NP) every Friday.


Until next time, don’t worry, be healthy.


P.S. I have a ton of pictures of myself at NP workouts; I have a fair to moderate amount of pictures of myself in NP shirts (grassroots gear); I only have a handful (a very very small handful) of pictures of myself in grassroots gear while working out… And out of that handful there’s one, just one, of me in grassroots gear while working out with NP where you can actually see my face. This cannot stand.

P.P.S Check out those semicolons!

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