Attend A November Project Workout

I’d say somewhere around 200 people.

This is the first ‘create your own’ bucket list item I’ve completed. Full disclosure, I didn’t write it down in the book until after I did it, so it might kinda sorta be cheating, but it’s been in my mental bucket list for a couple of years now.

Dirty mirror Pre-workout picture anyone?

Runners are weird. We’ll stare at someone in our corral, and throughout our run, trying to read their race-shirt to find out where it’s from just so we can go home and Google that same race… That’s how I originally found out about The November Project. I don’t remember exactly what race it was, but I do know that it turned into a thing where (like a new car) I didn’t notice it before and then all of the sudden it was popping up everywhere. All different colors, some with different designs, but the name November Project was at pretty much every race I did. Finally, I looked into it, and found that it’s a free workout held in Philly (and 40ish other places around the world) twice a week. One of those meetings is on the art museum steps.

This level of excitement lasted from start to finish

I need to rephrase that last bit, and then pause for effect. I said that “one of those meetings is held on the art museum steps”… The Rocky steps… Yea….. So apparently every Wednesday they meet at the art museum and every Friday they meet at a different location around the city. After talking to one of my run buddies about what race he was doing for the 4th, and realizing that it landed on a Wednesday this year, I called in a favor and got someone to switch shifts with me so that I could get off of work.

Not kidding

I’ll skip to it, it was AMAZING. I have found my people! I’ve gone back on forth on whether I should go step by step, walking you through the entire workout or not… I’m not going to do it… You need to experience it yourself (honestly, this is a copout… I mean, you DO need to go and experience it for yourself, but also I’m coming pretty close to my word limit for this post). Everyone there was genuinely welcoming and genuinely interested in both getting to know me and encouraging me and the others through our workout. Unfortunately, my work schedule sucks, to the point that unless I take off I won’t be able to make it to any of the Wednesday meetings, and I’ll only be able to get about an hour’s sleep before the Friday meetings… Still, I’m going to make this work. I really can not wait to go back (Spoiler: I went back that following Friday, we ran bleachers, I’ll tell ya about it later)!

One day I’ll look like this… Better than this* prior to working out instead of just settling for after… One day… Soon.

Until next time, find your people.

Before you say it, it’s a medal, not a metal. And it’s glorious.

P.S. As I was rearranging my medals to make room for this new one I realized that this hanger is on its last limb. Look at that bow!


P.S.S. There’s a different November Project link attached to each one of these pictures, you’re welcome.

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  1. gigglingfattie says:

    You should take up woodworking and build yourself a little shelf with some hooks on it or just a wooden bar across (reinforced of course) so that you can hang all your race medals on it 😉


    1. Don’t tell me what to do


    2. gigglingfattie says:

      ….I feel like this has gotten out of hand lol


    3. gigglingfattie says:

      Lol okies

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