Day 13

30 day blogging challenge

What’s inside your fridge

Um… Food? Or lack thereof… I rarely ever cook at home, horrible habit I know, which means that my fridge is pretty much just condiments and whatever leftovers I had from the weekend. Speaking of, I should probably go ahead and throw some of that away…


Until next time, clean out your fridge!


P.S. For the first couple of weeks after I moved into my place I was using my sister’s mini-fridge. Here’s me, running on 0 sleep, bringing home my current fridge just in time for Thanksgiving.

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  1. Kursed says:

    New blog series: Al tries cooking. 😛


    1. Lol I can cook, I just don’t do it often… My cooking show/blog would be amazing!


    1. Haha that’s too perfect, get out of my head

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