~I Need A Vacation

Originally posted 06 June 2017

I think I’ve mentioned before that I was going to be going away for a couple weeks. Well, here it is! I originally was going to schedule some new posts to keep you entertained for this two weeks while I’m gone, but plans changed. Someway, somehow, some of my posts have reverted from published to drafts.

A week or so ago I went through the drafts in my app marked as “local changes” and I updated them. Big mistake apparently. So for the rest of this week I’ll be going through those posts, updating and scheduling them to get re-published during the two weeks while I’m gone. This does it. I’m done. I’m not naive, I understand that this whole thing could be, and probably is, operator error. Even still, I’m done with the app. I deleted it off of all of my devices. By doing this, I discovered something I should have realized when I first started.

I can go to this website on my phone and tablet and write from there. How did I not think of this before!? I’ve been complaining about the app for how long now and I just discovered that I never actually had to use it in the first place. Yea, I feel pretty stupid.

But… You learn something new every day, right? So, I apologize if you see something over the next two weeks that you’ve already read, and I apologize if your comment from before is missing. I think I have this thing mostly figured out now, and I should have some pretty good posts to publish when I get back, hopefully they’ll make up for this mistake, and this abnormally short post that I’m leaving before I leave.

Until next time, delete this freaking app, like now.


P.S. I’ve recently re-discovered bitmoji. I’m too lazy to go back and update all of the posts at once, but as they come up in the flashback Friday category I’ll change the generic pictures to bitmojis… You’re welcome

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  1. Jad says:

    I love bitmoji!!!

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    1. Haha I don’t really use them outside of here all that often, but I’m a fan. I wish you could create your own

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