Originally posted 01 Sep 2017

Get A Book Autographed By Its Author

I just recently realized that it’s been kind of a long time since I made a post about my bucket list conquests. To be honest, I haven’t opened that book in a good while either. I have a running list of accomplishments in my head that that haven’t made their way into the book yet. So, last night I sat down and started to go through it, waiting for one to stand out. And it did.

So Shae and I have hung out a couple of times since I moved back. Recently we stayed up pretty late talking about writing. We talked about his book that he self-published, my first book which I am currently working on, and some of our other writing projects. The next time that we hung out, he brought me a copy of his book A Sinner Glimpses Paradise, an autographed copy.

I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered this before, but as a writer (I think I can call myself that) it’s a pretty surreal feeling to have someone give you a copy of a book that they have written. The first time this happened was at my uncle’s house after his wedding. His entertainment center is full of books, his own books, how cool is that!? He randomly grabbed a couple and tossed them at me like it was no big deal. The same way that Shea brought his book with him to the bar to give to me, no big deal. I want that feeling!

Shea and I hung out for a good bit afterwards, talking some more about writing. I didn’t even notice that he signed it until the next day. I haven’t seen him since, and if I’m being honest I’ve been almost avoiding him. It’s been almost a month and I have get to open his book again.

The day that he gave me his book is the same day that I started reading Stephen King’s It. So now I feel like it might get awkward if we see each other before I’ve at least started to read his book. It, the movie, comes out in a week or so and I plan on finishing the book in time to see it. After that I’ll dive into Shea’s book. If it’s anything like our conversation I’m sure it will be a great read… And now it’s time for my shameless plug, I mean what’s the use of having a blog if you can’t shine a light on the work of others every now and then? So, please do me a favor, check out Shea’s blog and book. And while you’re at it, take a gander at some of my uncle’s work (they actually made a movie out of one of his books, The Resurrectionist).

When I originally saw “get a book autographed” in my bucket list I imagined going to a book signing, but I have no idea when or where these things happen. Thank you Shea for helping me cross this one off of my list. But I do still plan to find a signing/reading to attend. Maybe I’ll take Shea with me when I go.

Until next time, read a book ya heathen.


P.S. Before this I didn’t even know that self publishing was an option. I’ve spent the last month going back and forth between Google and YouTube learning about it. I think it might be the way for me to go. Have any of you tried it? Any horror stories?

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