~Battle Rap, Really!?

Originally posted 19 May 2017

Remember back when in Top Ten when I said that I was going to do a couple Top Ten posts? Well let me give you a taste. This is one of the top ten embarrassing things that I am willing to publicly admit. I, Alphonso Francis White, am a HUGE fan of battle rap.

Surprise! I love watching rap battles. Which, to even my closest of friends would actually come as a surprise. I keep my infatuation with this art (yes, I just called it “art”, breath) a secret, as I do with most of my other niche hobbies. But, I’ll spill the beans for you guys, just like I said I would. For me, it started the same way that I would imagine it did for everyone else in the battle rap community, with a love of music. More specifically Rap music, the first artist that I really gravitated towards was Eminem. Honestly, I like most genres of music (as long as I can easily understand the words), but rap has a way of twisting the meanings of words to fit the rhyme that really intrigues me. Admittedly, sometimes it annoys me like no other, you can’t force it too much, it really is a fine line.

The word association is genius, and the creativity that it takes to think of those word flips kind of makes me a little jealous. I discovered that YouTube had an auto-play feature by mistake. I was watching something, not really paying attention, and when the video that I was watching finished playing another one started. It. Blew. My. Mind. I’m not even kidding, laugh all you want, this was a game changer. Watching music videos, I let the auto-play run it’s course and I stumbled upon Epic Rap Battles which are spoofs on rap battles. And they are HILARIOUS. I went a little crazy watching them, somehow ended up on a Rone battle and it took off from there. I dove face first down the rabbit hole and started watching battle after battle after battle after battle after, well, you get it. The way they put their words together, the stories they tell, the performance, and cadences, it all seemed kinda surreal, still does. And the deeper you go, the more you understand.

You see, a big part of rap battles are attacking the opponent, hence the “battle”, and the easiest way to do that is by referencing a mediocre performance that they previously had. So as I watched more I began to pick up on references that I had previously missed. Oddly enough, it has also forced me to keep up with current events as there are constant references to what is going on in the world. It really is amazing to listen to and think about how their mind works while they prepare their rounds.

I have yet to post about my feelings in regards to the media. I am not a fan. I won’t go off on that topic in this post though, maybe later. So… Battle rap intrigued me to the point that I’ve started keeping up with the news, crazy, I know. So, the reason why this is something that I tend to keep to myself is basically, I feel like the majority of people that I interact with would put a negative association with it. I’m just speculating honestly, so I could be completely wrong. I guess we’ll see as some of them read this. I’m done rambling about my Super Secret Squirrel Stuff for now.

Until next time, don’t knock it until you try it.


P.S. I really have no excuse for this picture. We were in Iraq, just got in from being on the road for a couple of days, we were overtired, and only had a couple of hours until our next mission. So instead of getting some sleep we decided to blast rap music and dress like idiots… And this was the result

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