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Originally posted 30 May 2017

My phone died at work last night. And as it was Memorial Day yesterday, there wasn’t a lot of work to be done. So, I wrote. Immediately after posting my erotic short, I decided that I would write my first book and would try to incorporate that story. I’ve attempted to sit down and write for the book multiple times since then but couldn’t.

I didn’t really have writer’s block, it was more so that I had too many ideas. I just couldn’t quiet the noise. That is, until last night. I had a moment of clarity, while at work, and spent almost four straight hours doing nothing but writing. It was great. Unfortunately, I have not yet decided when I will publish the book posts. I’ll draft a couple more and see what happens. I can tell you now that I am going away for two weeks next month and I’m currently trying to decide which posts I should schedule during that time, maybe it will be a book post. Who knows?

As excited as I am about this, and as much as I want you all to enjoy it, I have to admit that this book will not be for everyone. There’s going to be some erotic moments, yes, that means sex. It’s going to have some violence, and it’s going to have some sacrilege. If it gets deep I’ll treat it the same way that I did Mmm, I’ll password protect it for a bit so that you don’t stumble into something you might not want to see. And then after a month or so I’ll remove the password. As I write this I realize that I haven’t really talked much about religion on here yet.

I am not an atheist. I hate, and I mean HATE going to church. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t “believe”. I do not consider myself to a follower of any religion really. I guess you can say that I’m a Christian if you really feel the need to throw a label in there. But even that seems to be too much to me. I don’t understand the assumption that one religion has God’s plan figured out more than another religion does. I don’t understand a lot about religion actually. But I digress.

This book will not takeover my blog though. It is just going to be another series that I throw out there from time to time. You’ll be able to enjoy rough drafts of partial chapters separately as I compile a book that I may or may not end up publishing for the masses. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time, write more.


P.S. I know. My Snapchat has NOTHING to do with this post. To be honest, I don’t even really use Snapchat. I get on when someone sends me a message, which is rare. However, I’ve been asked multiple times for my Snapchat information, and as you know I hate borrowing pictures for my blog so there you have it. Judge me all you want. Add me, or don’t add me, it’s your world.

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  1. irunelite says:

    I’m right there with you on church and religion.

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    1. Oh thanks! I was actually a little worried about how that part would be received. And my family is pretty religious so it’s not the most popular of beliefs

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    2. irunelite says:

      Now I can’t speak for everyone. That’s just me.


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