Day 7

30 day blogging challenge

Your 5 favorite songs

Geez, I don’t know…

1 – I went for a run last night using YouTube on my phone, picked my favorite Eminem (my favorite rapper) song, and let it go on autoplay after that, so I guess I’ll start there? 

Till I Collapse – Eminem

2 – Um… Oh, I’ve got it. I may or may not have mentioned in a previous post that I tear up whenever I watch one any of the Rocky movies… I swear, I don’t cry as often as it sounds… Well, one song from a montage in the series gets me in the feels even when I’m not watching the movie. Also, it comes right after one of if not the best Adrian scenes from the entire series, enjoy.

No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper

3 – If I were to actually make this a list of my absolute top 5 songs (which it is not) and put said songs in order (which they are not) this one would most likely be number one. As an added bonus, I found a video that claims to have John Cena (one of my favorite wrestlers) singing the song, though I have watched it twice and still was unable to actually see him in it so I can neither confirm nor deny, but whoever sang it completely butchered the song. I appreciate the effort thought.

The Eagles’ Victory Song – The Eagles Pep Band

4 – Annddd now I need to come up with two more songs. Damn. Uh… I kinda wish that I had a friend who was a musician whom (yup, I just used the word “whom”, incorrectly, but I still used it. Stick that pinky out) I could offer a shameless plug to. Hmm… Got it! One of my absolute favorite country songs.

Whatever It Is – Zac Brown Band

5 – Is it weird that I’m currently more worried about finding a picture for this post than what this last song will be? I’m coming up with nothing for both. Let’s see, I’ve done Rap, Country, an 80s power ballad, a fight song, and even threw in a bonus song for good measure… I think I’ll do something a little different for this last one. Remember when I said that I watch Rap Battles? Well, some of those battle rappers also make music. One of them has a song where he only sings like the first 3rd, and honestly I usually stop it once his part is over, but his part REALLY resonates with me. And it probably should with you too.

Monster – Iron Solomon


Until next time, pump up the jams.


P.S. You can’t imagine how hard it is to find a relevant picture for a post like this. This one is of Magerr and I, at a bar, where they played music, BOOM! Ok, it’s a cheap way out, but it’s the first semi relevant picture I came across. And yes, this is a screenshot from my POF that I made a couple years back. I know, putting a picture with a woman in it on a dating site is a HORRIBLE idea. But, you weren’t around to tell me that back then. Luckily now there’s no pictures like this on my POF account. I mean, there’s no POF account, but if there were this picture wouldn’t be there so… Why am I explaining this to you!?

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  1. CLEvangelism says:

    Love “No Easy Way Out” — and the scene from the movie, when he’s in his car, glancing in his rearview mirror…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Probably the best montage of all time… Right in the feels, every time

      Liked by 1 person

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