Stripper, Please!

And It’s story time, again… A couple years back the guys and I were heading out to a strip club that we named The Dirty O. Now let me explain this so called “Strip Club” real quick. It was a drafty, run down, bar(n), on a pretty sketchy road, behind a golf course. When you you walk in you’re greeted by an old golden lab. Half of the strippers there are related, the other half were missing a tooth or two, there’s even a mother/daughter combo. All of them seem to have had (and are most likely still having) a hard life, and are on or were on some kind of drug. There’s no pole. They used a half-bath as their ‘private room’. And the “stage” was the corner of the room, lined off by electrical tape, and surrounded by folding chairs and tables. The beer was cheap. Ok, now that you’re all caught up.

During a business trip the guys and I decided to head down to the Dirty O one night after work. While we were getting ready I overheard my roommate on the phone in our hotel bathroom with his girlfriend (at the time), telling her that he was wasn’t feeling well and was just going to turn in and go to bed early. She bought it. When he hung up with her I proceeded to berate him. Basically calling him weak for not telling his girl that he was going to a strip club. In my mind, it comes down to the strength in the relationship. Are you dating a cheater? Or rather should I say “are you dating someone who would cross the line and in some way disrespect you and your relationship”? Would they act in a way that you would consider to be inappropriate? I mean honestly, if you can’t be trusted to go to a strip club then you can’t be trusted. Period. If you can answer “yes” to any of those question you should not be in that relationship. And if it truly is “me, not you”, and you feel like you wouldn’t be able to fully trust anyone in that way you should remain single until you are able to fully trust someone.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. So I was giving this guy a verbal beat-down, the rest of the guys came to our room mid-conversation, and took his side! I called them all idiots, and said that I would finish getting dressed and meet them in the car. After they left, I called One (let’s call her One instead of The One from now on… It sounds less… Um… I don’t know the word for it, but it sounds better… I think… Anyhoo…). I didn’t even think twice about telling her where I was going. I even went as far as to explain what just took place in my room, assuming that she would be amused. She. Was. Not. She didn’t tell me or ask me not to go. She just said that she wasn’t comfortable with me going to a strip club. Which was enough for me to stay in for the night. So, I called my friends, told them that I wasn’t coming, got RIDICULED like no other, and spent the rest of the night half explaining, half arguing with One.


Until next time, get yourself to a strip club.

P.S. I’m just as surprised as you are that I was able to post a gif to my blog! It closed down a couple of years after we discovered it. Not sure exactly why. When we found out about its closing a friend and I decided to make one last trip to see it, take a bunch of pictures to send back to the boys, and say our goodbyes. As we drove away, the dog, Heidi, came out of nowhere and started following our car! I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of her, so you get what you get… THIS is the Dirty O.

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