During our investigation we came across something… Something that to be honest, I cannot explain. It is still unclear to me whether the letter was planted or if the whack job wrote it himself. Either way, the shooter had this in his pocket.

The City Of Sin huh? Funny thing, this place. My “playground”. Would you believe it if I told you that I have never been? Not only have I never stepped foot in Las Vegas, I have no intention of ever doing so. You people do plenty enough without my influence. Put yourself in my shoes here. I’ve spent the better part of this planet’s existence fucking with people. Tormenting some directly. Sending minions to take care of others. I’ve attacked loved ones. The whole nine. But the ultimate joy… The thing that really curls my horns… Is when I am surprised by evil. Deeds that I in no way shape or form am a part of. It’s so thrilling.

If you’re a parent you’ll understand. That moment when your child does something that you did not teach them directly. They’ve just pieced together multiple other teachings and came up with this on their own. I’m sure if you think hard enough you can come up with quite a few of those. Now imagine that you are able to view your family a hundred years from now. You observe certain traits that have been passed along. Some have stayed the same, others have twisted into something almost unrecognizable. But because you know the origin you can still identify it as something that came directly from you. That, my children, is the feeling that I have had for a couple of hundred years now.

I haven’t left Hell since the arrival of my father. Oh don’t get me started… He came down here, whining about how much good we can do and blah blah blah blah blah. It’s been hell… See what I did there? Anyhoo, neither he nor I have stepped foot on Earth in longer than you would be comfortable with knowing. We’ve sat back and watched. At some point we started placing bets on the outcome of certain events. You know, wars, elections, sporting events… And let me tell you, you guys have made me a lot of money. Well, you would have, if we were betting money.

Ok, full disclosure, we have hit a point where we are dead even. We are back at square one, where there is just as much good in the world as there is evil. He believes that if I write a letter, exposing and explaining our absence, nothing will change. You will neither do more harm or more good, just more of the same. MY belief, is that this letter is going to throw you all back into the dark ages. Sorry, not sorry. So do with this what you will. Go forth and do great things. Interpret that last line however you wish. I’ll check back in with you in another millennia or so.

Your Prince,

Louis Iffer

I really do not know what to do here. It should be made public knowledge, but I can’t release this to the public. Can I? I may not be a “believer”, but I’m also not one to tempt fate. What if releasing this changes things? What if keeping it to myself does? I could be the catalyst to… I guess to any and every thing that happens next. Oh Lord, please tell me, what am I to do!?

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  1. gigglingfattie says:

    hehe “Louis Iffer” omg amazing!


    1. Haha I’m pretty proud of that name

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    2. gigglingfattie says:

      Lol you should be! I’ll come to you if I ever need names for any of the characters in all the books I’m never going to write


    3. In all of the books that you are going to write very very soon? No problem! I don’t mind helping with that


    4. gigglingfattie says:

      Why can’t I just say I’m going to write them, get excited over the small amount of details I’ve figured out, get names for a few characters, and then just never write them? lol It’s been working well for me so far


    5. gigglingfattie says:

      That doesn’t tell me why lol


    6. Because, you don’t even want that


    7. gigglingfattie says:

      …you are too tired to make sense…

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  2. Ooo, this one is different..
    So glad I caught up on your posts 1 blogger down and a gazillion more to go *phew*


    1. Haha I’m so far behind it’s unreal, I feel your pain

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    2. That’s 2 of us!

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