On The Eleventh Day…

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Eleven daters dating,
Ten hours sleeping,
Nine Eagles winning,
Eight years of smoking,
Seven hugs I’m missing,
Six Salamanders,
Five family members,
Four election days,
Three months in,
Two different gyms,
And a surreal year with Covid 19!

So… Throughout this year, I have signed into ELEVEN different dating apps/sites. Eleven! And, as you may have guessed, I’m still single. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have also guessed that I wasn’t active on these sites or apps. And you would be correct, on both issues.

I just can’t. I can’t bring myself to be consistently active on dating sites. I tried this time though, I really did. Well, I tried on some of them. Not all. But still, I tried. I would go on randomly throughout the day, search through prospective matches, send messages, swipe, like, super-like, the whole nine. And just like before, no matter how much time I spent on there, no matter how many connections I made, messages or responses I received, at the end of the day it never felt worth it. I would always go to sleep feeling like I spent too much time on there. Dating that way feels like a part time job. So, just like before, I started spending less time on the apps and sites. I started only going on one a day. Then I went to only going on them when I received a notification (like before). Then I deleted the apps and only went on when I received an email. Then I blocked the emails. Even now, as I barely ever leave my house, and cover half of my face between my door and my car, and again once I get to wherever I’m going. Even now, I feel like I should be meeting someone in person. Out in the real world. Doing my every day thing. Preferably doing something that somehow corresponds to a hobby or goal of mine.

Oh, and how could I forget about the spammers… Oh and the bots! If there were ever a reason to NEVER go on these apps again, those would be it. Don’t even get me started. For those who are curious:

1- BLK
2- Bumble
3- Happn
4- Hinge
5- MeetMe
6- Military Cupid
7- Ok Cupid
8- POF
10- Tagged
11- Tinder

Yep… In alphabetical order… There’s my list. Eleven different apps that landed me a whopping (drumroll please…) 1 first date (a really good date actually), only one, with someone whom I almost immediately had to break things off with as I ended up falling back into a (short lived, and mostly one sided) relationship with an ex. But, that’s neither here nor there… Point is, I met one person online who I was interested in/attracted to/ connected with enough to warrant a date with, this entire year. And I’m still single.


Until next time, turn your dating up to eleven… Or don’t… Your choice.

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