Tis The Season, Again

It’s (I’ve come too far… The typo stays) still catches me off guard whenever someone I know brings up my writing. Like, I love it… But also, what exactly have they read? And how do they really feel about it? Most of it I can chalk up to simply seeing a picture, and the paragraph or two excerpt that I put on social media, but occasionally they actually read the post… And search for others to read. And as much as I hope for this, it also terrifies me.

Except for situations like this, when I’m looking for inspiration and someone reminds me of a post that I can add to or update. Someone recently admitted to reading a post on my blog, a single post, and when asked they revealed that the post was Tis The Season. I had honestly forgotten about this one. But after rereading it, I’m a little more in the Christmas spirit… A little… Enough that I was willing to seek out another holiday quiz and possibly embarrassing older holiday photo of myself to share with you all.

But… I couldn’t find one that I liked. So… I’m going to do you one better. I am going to bring back The Twelve Days Of Christmas post! I mean, I’m going to break it up into twelve posts, I won’t make you suffer through another post like that again. Not now though. No. For now, you can go and have some fun reading that EXTREMELY long post. Next week you’ll get the new list, new song, the whole nine… Er… Twelve*.


Until next time, have a holly jolly holiday!

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