I need more pressure, because I’m running out of diamonds. This darkness is the only thing that keeps me shining. That black cloud over these sentences was confining, until the pad met this pen and broke these words out of hiding.

This might blow your mind, but I’ll give you time to collect your thoughts. Same house, owner, and land, but instead of Plantations we call them Plots. I wasn’t drinking the koolaid, so instead you’ve offered shots. Now when I cry out for aid, the only thing you offer is shots!

I’ve longed for Justice to balance her scale, now I guess the wait is almost over. You and I aren’t even at odds, but I’m still taking over. My exes bank on my failure, so I avoid them, for closure. This rage growing inside is beastly, and needs out of this enclosure.

You helped cartorize the wound but poked at it ever since. Then you staked claim to the scab and threatened to pull it if we winced. You lift up symbols from a fallen army, that you condemn us for rising against. And offered less labor in exchange for more profit, a deal that to this day doesn’t make sense.

This sinking ship that we’re in, is overflowing with baggage. My patience is running real thin, yeah, it’s got some mileage. Sacrifices go unanswered and forgotten, causing further suffrage. So I won’t praise kings, I’ll kill them, then I’ll pay homage.

T, thank you so much for letting me use your picture for this post!

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