Captain’s Log: Tea One T Tree

I wonder if Presidents take things from the White House, like celebrities do from movie sets, when they’re done. I feel like “how do you feel about hitting women” should be a first date question. And close calls like this are exactly why we go to the bathroom BEFORE exercising. You know that moment when you’re confronted with the online dating profile of someone that you both are attracted to and know in real life? The more that I have to explain that I’m not drinking, the less appealing drinking becomes. I feel like everything that happens this year should have an asterisk next to it.

It’s so weird when accounts with less followers than me offer to help me gain thousands of followers. Women who are not afraid to initiate sex should be protected at all costs. I don’t think we (including myself) realize just how screwed we would be if we ever pissed off The Google. The shorter I cut my hair the more jealous I become of people who can shave without getting razor bumps. We aren’t even in a relationship and already I can see this “relationship” moving faster than I’m ready for. Is there a right way to tell someone that you’d prefer to date someone with a different body type.

If I ask what you’re doing and your response is “nothing” or anything that doesn’t actually provide information that could in some small way move this conversation forward, I’m just going to reply back with “same”. Just got a “you look good”, on my way back from the gym. I needed that. Just got accused (wrongfully) of sharing private pictures; interesting. When it’s all said and done I hope the amount of drinks I’ve had will pale in comparison to the amount of books I’ve read. I don’t understand this thing where people are sucking in their cheeks for pictures, didn’t we do away with this years ago?

I feel like I’ve accidentally signed away more rights than I’m comfortable with this month, twice. I need to buckle down on some writing, and running. That’s twice now, in two weeks, that I’ve been hit on on my way to work and didn’t have time to stop and engage. Oh boy, looks like things are heating up with my group, not in a good way. Wow, that was unexpected, but it makes sense now… I’m not sure how to feel about this.

The S in “Corps” gets no respect. Anyone else feel like they’ve kind of outgrown social media? It REALLY is unsettling how many men are ok with hitting women. And how unremorseful they are when discussing it. This whole “don’t settle” thing is really getting in the way of my dating life. Annddd I just deleted the last of the apps.


Until next time, do what you do, but better.

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