Old School

I wrote this in 6th Grade, be gentle.


Hard assignments and hardback books. Weird teachers with their weirder looks.

Too much homework, not enough fun. People “teaching you how to become someone“.

Cafeterias’ a mess, so is the food. Everyone here is in a bad mood.

Spring break is here, so everyone is cool. But in one short week, we’ll be back, in school.

P.S. I couldn’t find a 6th grade picture of myself so I give you the next best something WAY better. A picture of Noodle in 6th grade! Which is fitting in more ways than one, seeing as how I very recently told him a little bit about and recited this poem to him,and seeing as how his birthday just passed. Ok… His birthday has nothing to do with this post, but my Noodle’s Birthday just passed! So of course I’m going to mention it!

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