I Miss You

The last time that I spoke with Francis? The phone call only lasted a minute or so. Seems like the new norm. That’s twice now, that I know of, that our conversation has been interrupted by “incoming”. We were right in the middle of some ahh-maaay-zingg phone sex and… I know, I should be worried. I mean… I am worried… But, the idea of my man being overseas, in the middle of the action, fighting for our country… Damn, it’s such a turn on.

When that explosion went off, and the phone crackled to a *click*, and dial tone… I don’t know if I’ve ever been that wet in my life. I tried to fight it. But I fidget when I get horny. I literally scratched a hole in my skirt, and damn near put one in my leg. That skirt, thank God that I had decided to wear it that day. By the time that I got worked up enough to go for it those panties were practically sliding themselves down my legs. I didn’t bother to pull the blinds or even check to see if the office door was locked, I needed to take care of myself right then and there.

My nipples were so sensitive that the vibration of me pulling my sweater up and over my bra made them stand at attention. I took my middle finger into my mouth, twirled it around my tongue. Imagining that it was his rock hard cock in my mouth. Mmm… Let my hand glide over my torso… Rest it on my clit… Just that, just a bit of pressure. I was already starting to cream. I slid my hand down, ran my fingers over my lips, and one by one slipped them in and out out my pussy. My hand was already soaked, and I had barely gotten started.

That pins and needles feeling was starting to run rampant over my body. I took two fingers deep inside, then out, spread them over my clit, then back again. Everything was so wet. When I finally started to fuck myself… Oh my god… It was so hard… So fast… Digging my nails into my tits with my other hand… Working my way from two to three fingers… Even if I could hold in the screams, which I could not, the sound of my palm smacking my clit was loud enough to fill the room.

The grool making its way down the crack of my ass… I thought I was going to squirt. So close… I don’t even know how many times I made myself cum. I just went until my hand got tired, switched hands, tried for one more, and then ran home to grab my toy. I didn’t even lock the office door behind me.

That’s when I decided to make these tapes. Even now, as I talk about it, I can feel myself getting… “Excited“. And I can’t really describe it to you. It’s not “sexual” it’s just, I don’t know.

Sometimes… I go back and re-watch that security footage. It’s the closest that I can get to that moment… It’s the closest that I can get to him.

Maya, thank you so much for letting me use this picture!

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