I’ve been out of town on a workaction for almost three months now and when I got in last night my fiance was fast asleep, just as I was when she left this morning. I just, I just wanted to feel connected, so… I may or may not have overstepped my bounds. I read her blog. This last post was published around about the halfway point of me being away, so I understand her needing someone or something. Luckily she settled for the latter. I’m not sure how long this has been going on without me knowing. Sadly, we haven’t really made it a point to discuss all of our fantasies, but we both write about them. I know that she reads my blog from time to time, and I assume that she knows that I read hers? I don’t know. And to be honest, at this point, I don’t care.

Reading about her cum filled fantasy set me on a course. Rummaging through her underwear drawer, not really sure how or what I planned to do exactly. Whenever she found underwear that she liked she would buy them in bulk. Multitudes of the same exact pairs of bras and panties. I picked out a frilly, pink and purple lace thong, one that she had in triplicate.

I spread out in our bed, stark naked, gripping the base of my dick, thong in hand. Long, slow strokes at first, with her panties draped over my knuckles. Up and down. Alternating between using my phone to reread parts of her post and to take pictures of my still growing cock. I love being able to send her pictures and videos of the different stages of my erection. To me, it brings her a little closer, kind of like she’s in the moment with me.

As my cock thickens and the veins press harder against my skin my hand rises and falls a little quicker, panties wedged between my palm and shaft. Occasionally I’d take an end, wrap it around my base, and continue. The texture was perfect. Soft enough for a smooth stroke, but rough enough to provide the just right amount of friction. The longer it went, the faster I would go, stopping only to give my cock another panty-wrap or take another picture… At some point I transitioned from taking pictures to videos. Filming, reviewing the video, and filming some more… Ensuring that my moans were perceptible yet not loud enough to drown out the sound of my hand guiding her thong up and down my dick.

I spent the entirety of her hour-long commute bombarding her with the pictures and videos that I took of her panties wrapped around my cock. Through our bedroom window I could see her park and scurry towards the front door, eyes still glued to her phone. I came, just as she arrived at the landing.

The last picture pinged her phone as she attempted to unlock the door. “Oh” followed by the sound of her keys hitting the ground confirmed that she saw every bit of it: The initial pulse sent the first squirt airborne, erupting out of my cock while a steady flow followed, toppling out of my tip, oozing over my panty-covered shaft.

She rescued her keys, opened the door, and hurried up the stairs into the bedroom… There she found me, soaking her panties in my cum. Still fully erect, rolling my hand over, letting the lace catch the overflow, not wasting a single drop…

The model in this picture elected to remain anonymous, which is fine, but I would still like to show my gratitude. So if you happen to read this, I hope that you enjoyed the story, and thank you again for allowing me to use this!

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