Captain’s Log Twin Tea Won

Just watched a guy on Twitter talk about his girlfriend texting other men while she was in bed with him. That really brings back some memories. You would think that having channels dedicated to running 24hr news coverage would allow them to share and break down entire stories instead of just cherry picking inflammatory clips… And you would be wrong. How crazy would it be if we were taught about mental health in school? Dad joke: what did Spock find in Picard’s bathroom?

A Captain’s Log! And once again she avoided eye contact, nice. I just saw the biggest fox I have ever seen, which I guess isn’t saying all that much since foxes tend to be kinda small. So now imagine how big this freaking fox had to be to make me want to waste my time telling you about it. Why haven’t we gotten a Newer Testament yet? And I’m up, at 5am, for no reason, sweet.

Chic Fila delivers? Words cannot express how disappointed I am with the direction we’re heading. I wonder what would happen if Twitter struck back by charging a penny a month. In the midst of my community burning down my boss sends out a psychological health newsletter. Just promised my Mom that I wouldn’t run in my neighborhood. Less than 2 miles from the house that I was raised in.

Annddd my girlfriend just told me that #AllLivesMatter. Ask yourself if you’re actually willing to change for the better, for everyone, or if your willingness stops the moment you’re inconvenienced. The more I learn the more I miss my ignorance. I wonder if anyone else sees the ironic similarities between the way that people view the Confederate flag and the way people view the N word. Nudity makes every movie better. What’s with the rainbow circles?

I do not understand why some men are so opposed to chivalrous acts. What exactly is the downside? It’s getting harder and harder to keep up this one sided relationship. It really hurts when you “realize” something that you’ve already known. Have I already commented on the hypocrisy of pro-lifers throwing tantrums over social distancing and masks suggestions? Oh, and saying that the possible loss of life isn’t worth the possible economic damage?


Until next time, be the change.

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