Dying Letter

To whom it may concern,

If you’re reading this you need not be concerned. There’s no next of kin to contact, and no valuables to disperse. No false claims to correct, nor ceremony to rehearse.

I’ve passed, and although there’s no one to tell I think that someone should know. At last, I’ve ended up in the one place that I was actually supposed to go.

Throughout my life I identified as two very different things, and yet I was comfortable with neither. A group would claim me in a moment when it was convenient and quickly discard me without even giving me a breather.

The closest I’ve come to feeling wanted is that split second when I see myself in an X. That instant before I realize that it’s a mirage and I go searching for the next.

Everywhere I go I find someone there, waiting, and questioning my decision. Which is why I guess I am so welcoming of this transition.

Maybe now, my silence will finally be heard. Maybe now, this case change will make them think twice about my word.

Finally I can rest, for the first time since the day that I was born. I hope this note helps you to understand, there’s no reason to mourn.

Whether your memory of me be with or without a stricture in your tract, please just remember me as more than just a vowel or a constant.


P.S. Please, don’t let this dying letter from a dying Letter be the death of our letters.

Luna, thank you so much for letting me use this picture for my post!

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