N Is For…


Aside from the occasional stay-cation, my wife and I hadn’t spent this much time together at home since… Ever. Both of our jobs, being “non-essential” forced us to finally make use of the home office that we set up when we first bought the house and pretty much forgot about, until now. Still in the honeymoon stage, we had more of a cutesy setup, with desks facing each other on opposite sides of the room. Cute, yes. But the longer that we telework the less functional and more distracting I find it to be.
We had a great routine, alternating who would shower first, the other made breakfast, and we’d enjoy it together before getting dressed and heading to the office. The home office. Where we would both try – and fail – to avoid eye contact and focus on our work. By the end of that first week our breakfast turned into a coffee and a bagel, and our showers had become a joint shower. Our work day started a little later each day. We slowly dressed less professional, then wearing less clothes. We started trying to avoid that eye contact less and less. Work started to become the distraction.
This morning I happened to look across the room as my wife uncrossed her legs and noticed, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I managed to get an eye full and turn my gaze back to my work before she noticed. The following umpteen times that I peeked under her desk I wasn’t as lucky. The first time she caught me, she had crossed her legs and gave me a raised eyebrow as my eyes met hers. I couldn’t help it. My eyes were drawn to her pussy as if I was seeing for the first time.
As she continued to catch me throughout the day, my wife wouldn’t say anything. She just gave me various looks of disappointment, crossed her legs, and went back to work. The last look came with an eye-roll as she caught me licking my lips while staring. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it. That was my queue. I got up, went to make coffee, and a bagel, and I brushed my teeth, and splashed water on my face, and did basically anything I could do to get her barely dressed ass out of my mind.
There was no sign of her when I came back to the office. I could have called for her, but I didn’t. It was probably for the best. I didn’t need to distract her any more than I already had. Sitting down at my desk, skimming over my notes, I got distracted once more. This one came in the form of a hand, tugging at my zipper.

Thank you so much for letting me use your picture for this post!

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