H Is For…


Why keep letting big words drag your small minds into fights? Just too blind to see the real strength within these Gorgonites. Proud to be a toy soldier, going to war for the wrong side’s version of ‘right’. You may be all you can bee, but the Hive is winning tonight.

I grew up on Elm street where we prayed for insomnia. I put Freddy to sleep, what do you think I’d do to a momma? Camped with this cougar Crystal and turned a cabin on the the lake into a sauna. Spitter since birth, the Goat writer, but feel free to call me the llama.

Every time I grab the pen I have to resist the urge to grenade this looseleaf and bomb on all of you. I’m just jonesing to blow the limbs off of your precious tree of life, hell I’ll fucking uproot it too. Pull Mo sapphire from that gaping hole then ditch you. Instead I humble and mumble myself throwing a detrimental amount of my flaws into plain view.

Now on my decent I fumble and tumble through the porthole over a jungle ready to take a knee for this ring before it turns into a rumble. But I’m married to success. I said it. I am the greatest. You’re the latter version, I am the latest. You may be a hot song, I am the playlist.

I lift these birds off the ground and I put them on cable. Picture this, they have stories to tell but I am a fable. Women ask what I bring, I tell them “I am the table”.

Simon, thank you for letting me use this awesome picture for this post!

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  1. This could definitely be an elaborate song with all that rhyming!

    I is for Investigation


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