G Is For…


Before I met Grey, my world was bland. THE, the world was bland. Not just for me, it was that way for everyone. We lived in an era when there were five colors. Five. Apparently way back when, before we ever blipped into existence, the world was white nothingness. At some point darkness made an appearance, no one really knows how but yeah, there was white and there was black. The Pair.

In their struggle to claim territory, The Pair would clash, and separate, and clash again. In the separation, in this void, The Primaries – Blue and Yellow, and Red – were born. Living colors. Living beings, just like you and me. The Pair wasn’t the physical embodiment of a color like Red, Blue, and Yellow. At the time, White and Black were like air.

The Primaries made their way around the world, turning people and stealing objects away from White and Black. They walked the earth with man, and everyone that they interacted with would turn. From there, every thing the humans would interact with would turn. Blue people would pick up a white mug and it would turn blue. Red people would pet a black puppy, and it would turn red.

Fearing extinction, Black and White would expand. They grew the world, and they left the world. Black ventured out into the emptiness around the world, engulfed it, made it home. White scattered, some of it remained here on Earth, some followed Black and expanded with it.

As Black spread, White would continue splitting and spreading within it. Together they ventured further and further into the abyss. For centuries they created stars, other planets, galaxies, and universes as they spread. The Pair spread in multiple directions, every direction, except for one. They halted, stopped spreading out, turned around, and started to spread in.

When The Pair returned to earth they were mighty. All the time that they spent expanding the Primaries spent here, sitting around, doing nothing. Still, The Primaries were all but all-powerful. Their collision could only end one of two ways.

Either it would be the end, color, life, everything would cease to exist. Or one side would claim the narrowest of victories over the other. Or so we thought. But when the collided neither one happened. When they collided, she happened.

She called herself “Grey”, she was anything but. I had never seen anything like her before. Blacks and Whites instantly became a thing of the past. Mundane. The way that she manipulated the Blues, the Reds, and the Yellows… It was surreal.

She took all five of them into her, The Pair as well as The Primaries. Grey made greens and purples and oranges. She made cyan and magenta, crimson and burlywood, she made it all. And she allowed them all to forish in their own way. Grey brought color when there was none, and she brought peace when we needed some.

Eva, thank you so much for letting me use this picture!

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  1. This is beautiful!!
    I love the idea of colours being an actual embodiment!

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