C Is For…


The buzz from Edward’s phone added to the orchestra. Creeks from the floor ping ponged their way off of the apartment doors. The echo, feeding on itself, grew louder, filling the hallway as he paced back and forth.

Apartment O. Edward stood there, frozen for a moment. His hand reached for the handle, then stopped short. His fingers curled inward, positioning for a knock, but instead his hand retreated to the uprolled ski-mask atop his head. The sweat soaked fabric was now merely a rag that Edward used to dry his clammy palms.

{Is that you in the hallway?}

{Should I come and let you in?}

{Hurry up big boy!}


{Where are you?}

Ignoring Mary’s texts, Edward turns to leave… And the door opens. A woman sticks her head out to ask “uh?” She clears her throat, “May I help you?” Edward’s teeth clench, eyes widen, breath deepens, and he stretches the mask over his face. He turns, and charges. Palming her face, pushing her back through the doorway, forcing his way into her apartment. A scream surprises it’s way out of her mouth, but is caught in Ed’s hand.

Just as Mary said in her texts, this woman is not making this easy. The role being played here is impeccable. Edward has to use even more strength to avoid truly hurting her while forcing her from wall to wall, from standing in the middle of the living room to crashing over the ottoman, and lying on the couch.

In one swift motion, as if using her bounce on to the couch as momentum, Edward reaches up her skirt, rips off her thong, and shoves it into her mouth. “This is what you wanted!?” Edward’s words somehow gain more conviction as they pass through the mask. Just as he had practiced, Edward began tearing at her clothes and tying her up with the fabric. Ankle to ankle, wrist to wrist, a longer piece connecting the two, bending her almost perfectly into the position that Mary requested.

She fought back, just like the texts said she would. The no holds barred fight to the finish was just that, a fight till the finish. The lamp rolling around on the floor sent flickers of light through the room. They locked eyes in a strobe as Edward finished, and with the next flash of light he watched as the grimace on her face finally upturned into a grin. The one and only indication that she enjoyed any part of this came just as Edward came. He released her legs from their fabric-cuff, removed his mask, and leaned in for a kiss.

“My turn”, the words pushed through her panties, unraveling their way out of her mouth. She tongued out the underwear, bit free her arms, mounted Edward, and kissed him deeply before returning to him everything that he had given her. His boxers went into his mouth. His shirt torn and fastened his wrists together. His face met with her palm. And his dick reentered her now near-dripping wet pussy.

She went on, clawing at his stomach, punching his chest, and spitting on his face as she rode him. The texts between Mary and Edward didn’t mention this. The deal, before their meeting, was that Mary would play the victim, not him.

That’s what her profile said she wanted.

That’s what she confirmed when they matched.

That’s what Edward had agreed to.

He didn’t contest it. It was just – different. All of this, from the moment Edward entered her apartment, was different than what Mary and he had previously discussed. Though, none of it was different enough him to deter him. Not even for him to question. Not even this.

When she had finished with him, riding every drop of cum from his cock and continuing until the stiffness had also vacated, she left Edward to untie himself. “That was bad” she said, walking out of the room. Edward tried to stop her from leaving. “Good enough”, the words coughed themselves out of his mouth, “I mean bad enough to do again?”

In the minutes -passing like hours- that it took for him to pick up his shorts and the pieces of what used to be his shirt, she didn’t respond. She didn’t return to assist Edward as he tried to put her apartment back in order. And as he paused at the door with a questioning “thank you Mary, until next time?” she didn’t so much as offer him a goodbye.

{Answer your phone!}

{Something happened in the hallway}


It wasn’t until the next morning, when the cops arrived at his door, that Edward would think to check his phone.

The first officer started as Edward unlocked his door, “Sir we apologize, a woman called us this morning claiming that the two of you had a date last night”.

“Mary?” Edward said, “is she ok? Is everything ok?

“Yes sir” Said the second officer, “everything’s fine. She was just concerned that she saw you last night, then there was some sort of commotion in the hallway, and-”

The first officer interrupted “basically she wanted to make sure that you made it home safe.”

Starting to feel relieved, Edward said “me? Yeah, I’m ok. How’s Mary doing?”

“Oh, she was just upset” the second officer said. “She missed you, and uh”, the officers look at each other and smile, “while we were talking the woman in apartment D asked us to thank you and give you her number. We honestly kinda laughed it off, but she was very adamant that you call her for, and I quote “a bad time.”

“You mean Apartment O? Yeah, that’s Mary, I have her number already. I’m texting her back right now” Edwards ramble began to trail.

The first officer corrected “D, Sir. Apartment D. Mary’s in O, it’s her neighbor, across the hall.”

The second officer continued, “the letter on the door is a bit faded I guess, but that’s definitely D.”

Meredith, thank you so much for allowing me to use this picture!

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