B Is For…

BAM Squad

I A don’t need ABOUT AFTER a cure. Autism ALL ALSO AN is a gift, not AND ANY AS AT a disorder. In my world, BACK BE BECAUSE BUT BY there are all sorts of shapes CAN COME COULD DAY DO EVEN and colors, more than you could imagine. FIRST FOR FROM GET GIVE GO GOOD Every thing is ever changing.

Our communication suffers HAVE HE HER HIM HIS HOW I IF because so often I’m forced to dumb down my IN INTO IT ITS JUST KNOW LIKE LOOK MAKE explanation ME A for B you, MOST C the D so-called E “normal” MY F. There’s G a H method I to NEW J what K you L view NO M as N madness O. Take NOT P the Q word R “autism” S, why NOW T focus U on V just OF W the X letters, ON Y ignoring ONE Z everything in between.

You read it left to right ONLY OR OTHER OUR OUT OVER PERSON SAY SEE and I… Honestly… The way that I look SHE SO SOME TAKE THAN THAT THE THEIR at it now might be different than THEM THEN THERE THESE THEY THINK THIS how I’ll view it in a TIME TO TWO UP US USE minute.

Triangle-house, A. Broken circle, WANT WAY WE WELL WHAT u. Mickey Mouse, m. WHEN WHICH WHO WILL Hangman, i. Stop, WITH WORK WOULD s and YEAR YOU t. YOUR
Ant, thanks for letting me use this awesome picture for this post!