Inside The Ink: Mmm

If you have yet to do so, you should stop what you’re doing and read Mmm prior to finishing this little editor’s note. Done? Alrighty… Mmm is my first attempt at writing erotica, and I must say… You can tell. I don’t know. It really just doesn’t flow the way that I wanted it to (oh my God, PHRASING!). And the theme of it all somehow is lost. Actually, the theme never really seems to make an appearance.

I used “Gaea” because it was (in my eyes) the more interesting and less common spelling of Gaia, Mother Earth. If you knew that the story might change a bit for you. But not nearly as much as I would have hoped.

I threw in a bunch of terrain and natural disaster references to try and bring the point home but they seemed to be a bit forced, so most of them got left on the cutting room floor. The takeaway from this was supposed to be that the planet is in love with Man. Mother Earth seeks out a man, makes love to him, and leaves… As leafs.

It was going to turn into this whole thing where Man impregnates the Earth, she gives birth to wildlife, and Man ends up some way some how unintentionally destroying the world and endangering the animals. After writing, editing, and rereading Mmm I kind of lost the urge to continue with the story. But you can see where it was going… Maybe.

Anyhoo, this story is one that has taken a very interesting turn in my edits. As I revised it I honestly became a little more disgusted by myself each time. Not with the content, but with the writing. It’s just… Not what I was hoping for… So, I’ve decided to treat it like a graveyard (I meant to type junkyard. I have no idea how graveyard snuck in there, but it makes this next part pretty interesting, so it stays), by basically pulling different sentences, paragraphs, scenes, and themes from it and Frankensteining them into other stories.

The fellatio part went to Fight Or Flight (which, coincidentally, is this week’s flashback post). The climax is likely getting moved to X Marks The Spot. The majority of the cowgirl part is getting divided up into different stories. It’s a fire-sale. Hopefully making the right decision here and this improves the other stories. I guess only time will tell.


Until next time, everything must go.

P.S. I know this picture has damn near NOTHING to do with Mmm or this Inside The Ink post. But wow, just wow. Part of the reason why I started my blog was to find a new place for my Facebook pictures (since that site is the devil and I am slowly but surely getting away from it) and last time I went on I rediscovered this beaut. On my second deployment some of the guys convinced me that growing a flat top would be a good idea. I agree, it probably would have been, for anyone aside from myself. I ended up with what could best be described as… You know those magnet pads with iron powder that you could move around this way and that? The Wooly Willy things? That’s what I had on top of my head. The level of disappointment with this photo and Mmm are pretty close, so there’s your connection. Drink it in.

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