Wanna Do A Thing?

Hi all! I’m going to be going away on a little workation for around about a month. This unfortunately comes at a time when I’m really hitting my blogging stride, I can’t remember the last time that I missed a Wednesday post or a Flashback Friday post. I’d really like to keep up this trend, but to do it I’m going to need your help. So… Who wants to add a guest post to my blog!?
I have older unfinished posts that I could possibly publish while I’m away. I have a LONG list of short story and poem ideas that I could probably tackle before I leave and schedule to publish while I’m gone. But screw that.
You guys are the reason that this blog exists. And I’m SURE that something came to mind when you read “guest post”. Do it. Take the plunge. I don’t care if you want to submit a post that’s one word or ten thousand words. I don’t care if you want to include your name, contact information, website, social media, or if you want it to be completely anonymous. I don’t care if you want to submit fiction, non fiction, a picture, painting, music, whatever.
Whatever submissions I receive I will schedule so that they post evenly while I am away. If I get 30, we’re doing one a day. If I get one, we’ll do one in the middle. If I get more, less, or something in between I will adjust.
Comment on this post, catch me on social media, email, call, text, or send a carrier pigeon my way to let me know you are interested!
Until next time, guest post!