~~~ Mmm


~ Originally posted 24 Mar 2017 ~

My day starts with a bitter breeze, rolling in through the window, landing on the bed, and assaulting its way up my legs. Then a soft bite, like a nibble, just above my knee. Reaching down to investigate, my hand is greeted with a smack. There’s another nibble, harder, and a little further up, on my inner thigh. Again, I throw my hand down, this time I find ravenous teeth firmly clinching my thumb. I retract. My hands fly to my face and initiate sweeping sleep out of my eyes. Pedaling backwards to the edge of the bed I sit on my pillow, panting, with my back pressed against the cold hard wall. So cold. With each movement the teeth shift further up my leg and reward my flesh with another bite. A set of nails embarks on a journey, dragging their way down my abs as the teeth finally land at the base of my cock. Followed by a tongue, flicking back and forth, demanding growth from my root. I rip the covers back just in time to watch my remaining flesh disappear into her mouth. Her lips crash to my plateau, her eyes lock in on me, her prey. “Gaea?” I can barely force the name out as she takes me in. She responds with a wink and a guttural “Mmmm”.

I whip my head backwards, into the wall. The vibration inside her mouth sends a quiver through my base that scurries up my spine then avalanches its way back down to my toes. I sink. A long breath crawls out of me from so deep that it feels as if it could be my last. Gaea’s hands chase up my shaft as her lips retreat. Every so often she releases me, flailing her tongue against my manhood, gracing my sack and shaft with a nibble. Reassured that her dominion over me is unquestioned, she spits on my head and tornadoes her tongue around it for a moment before luring me once again to the back of her throat. Her rise and fall is rhythmic, tantric even. I place my hand by hers and fold back her fingers to unveil a square golden wrapper.

Gaea rips open the condom, slips it into her mouth, and unrolls it on to me. Her outstretched hand slaps against my chest, her other hand swims to my back. Her nails dive into my skin, she pulls her body on top of mine. Her dripping wet clit glides down my torso as my cock is reaching up to meet her moist lips. Grasping her waist, I proceed to introduce her sex to every inch of me. She arrives at my base, I flinch, forcing a gasp to surprise its way out of her mouth. We kiss, deeply, passionately. Our lips melt into each other’s, separating for moments at a time only to release a stifled wail. Our bodies fall into a perpetual crash. I thrust into her, she sinks into me, we pause for a second, squeezing into our deepest embrace before continuing our escapade.


Thank you Xelistroll for this amazing picture! Check out more of this artist’s work at https://www.instagram.com/xelistroll/

Gaea drops her arm and takes hold of me. Her hand follows her pussy up my trunk, escorting the condom upwards with every stroke. A few strokes later the condom snaps off, and is quickly discarded as Gaea rushes me back inside of her. My entire being begins to quake, I draw closer to erupting as she savages my body. So close. Closer. The words dance between my lips, “I’m, I’m cu…”

“Mmmmm!” She interrupts, the flood of her juices vacates my cock. Her orgasm flushes out as she bats her clit with my tip. I start to unload onto her thigh just as her squirting comes to a close. She slides me back in, collects the initial seed onto her finger, and continues draining me. Her trembling walls entice the rest of my cum to take refuge within her pussy. Moving her finger into her in mouth, Gaea can taste my love as it splashes onto her tongue. Her shoulders bowe, her back rolls, head tilts as a rapturous smile slowly digs itself into her cheeks. Gaea affixes her eyes to mine, lets out a deep exhausted groan, and pulls me in for an even deeper kiss…”Mmmmmmm”…..

Thank you Ricardo for this amazing picture! Check out more of this artist’s work at https://www.instagram.com/waveloop/

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  1. Um… Thanks, but there’s only one of me


  2. Keep up the great work guyz.


  3. Arousal Imagined says:

    Fuck that was hot. You use great imagery and language. I’m going to need some alone time after reading that

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I didn’t realize that you had already read and commented on this when I replied to you. Thanks you! I can’t wait to read your hotel series!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Arousal Imagined says:

      I hope you like the hotel series. I’m working on a chapter now but it’s not one of the super hot ones. Waiting for a repair man to arrive so I can’t be getting *too* hot and bothered before he arrives. I’d hate to have to wait that out. Thank goodness I’m not at work, though. Your mmmm story would have been torture to read and then have to sit at a desk for another few hours.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I have a feeling that I’m really going to enjoy this novel… Maybe I’ll try my hand at writing one too, I think I need a bit more practice before I take on aomething that big though. Haha, I’m glad that you weren’t at work either, I’ve tortured myself by reading your writing at work before… I learned my lesson haha.

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Arousal Imagined says:

      You should definitely try your hand at writing one.My friend inspired Vivian and Michael and the rest of the novel took off from there. I’m not even sure if she knows it’s here. When I started posting, I only had part 1 complete, so I had 4 chapters scheduled to be posted while writing the 5th. It took a long time to commit to actually finishing it (6 months of no writing before my first post). And don’t torture yourself *too* much…but I think a little torture is ok 😉 feel free to make that mistake again

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    5. Hmm… Maybe I’ll keep going with this same story and see where it goes. I think try to incorporate other genres, not sure how well it will play out but I guess this is the place to put it to the test. And as for the torture haha I like it in small doses, and I’m hard headed so honestly I’ll probably make that same “mistake” here and there but save the majority of it for home. Thanks again! Oh, and P.S, feel free to throw my name into one of your stories if the mood strike lol.


    6. Arousal Imagined says:

      well it is a great start to a story, or a stand alone as well. I find that to make it really work you have to feel it. I could have written just short stories for mine as well but it felt like it needed more. I’m not sure I could keep just one storyline up long enough to get a full novel’s worth that’s why I made more.

      And I like a little bit of torture in small doses as well. Just enough to keep the excitement going.

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    7. Hey, did you delete your account?


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