~~~ Karma

I’m really not sure what to label this as. It’s too long for the Captain’s Log, and it’s not really fiction. More so just random musings, I guess?

Imagine that you are living your life on a sliding scale. Karma is constantly making corrections, giving you something good one day then bad the next as a result of your actions or inactions.

The thing is, well, the thing I believe, is that the corrections aren’t all that accurate. You know the feeling of losing control of your car in the snow, or heavy rain? It’s like that. Karma is just constantly overcorrecting.

And unfortunately, the one time that karma gets it right is the last gift (or curse) that it gives you. The moment that you hit zero is when it all ends.

Your whole life, you’re just a ball in karma’s pinball machine. Getting bounced around, bonking, and scoring “points”, just to eventually return to the nothingness that you came from.

Juliana, thank you for letting me use this picture from your “Celestial Ceilings” project, I can’t wait to see the completed piece!

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  1. Your last paragraph really summed it up excellently.


    1. Thanks! I wanted it to be longer but the last paragraph kinda satisfied me enough to leave it

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    2. I think it was just right.


    3. Good, I’m glad

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    4. You’re such a cool dude.


    5. Thanks again man

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    6. I appreciate the support you’ve given me on both my blogs.


    7. Not a problem. And same here, keep it going

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  2. hmms interesting concept…


    1. I thought so


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