Build A Snowman

Oh how I have missed doing these Bucket List posts! I was flipping through the book the other day, trying to figure out which items from the list I could prioritize and possibly schedule for next year and I came across this forgotten gem. Apparently I had started to write it in the book but didn’t finish, and obviously didn’t get around to making a post about it. I was a little busy around that time, give me a break. However, things happen for a reason, so maybe it’s better this way.

Seeing as how we just had our first snowfall yesterday, this one seems quite fitting. So… Prior to this year I had never built a snowman. I know, I know. And if you know me, and know how much I love the snow (LOATHE the cold, but love the snow. You’ve read weirder things here, let’s not make a thing of it), your shock is completely warranted. Honestly, I just never had anyone to build one with, and doing it alone wasn’t all that appealing. My Mom would (and still does) basically get hypothermia at the thought of being outside in the cold, my Dad wasn’t really big on snow, and my sister was too young to really help. Also, I figured that I would just mess it up. Growing up in a house on the corner of a semi busy road meant that I would likely have an uncomfortable amount of eyes on me while building it, not to mention the eyes on the snowman after completion. So, yeah… Hadn’t done it. That is until my trip to Colorado.

At the time, I was in a long distance relationship with Yogi. She and her family were in Colorado and we were planning for our first meeting. For a while now we had been building a list of things that we would like to do together so when planning for the trip we just pulled items from our relationship bucket list.

I’ll get back to the story in a moment, but let me point out right now (as sort of a self reminder) that I REALLY need to stop completing items from my Bucket List with significant others in the beginning of the relationship. I always enjoy it, probably more than I would have by myself, but I feel like it might doom the relationship in some way. Or maybe I’m just being overly superstitious. I don’t know.

Anyhoo, we spent a great weekend together, clicked like we had on the phone and in video chats, and at some point… Wait… I forgot to mention that prior to me coming out, when we were planning the trip, the weather was supposed to be a bit chilly but overall good. We even planned on doing a race and a couple of other athletic outdoorsy activities. But, the week of my trip, the forecast for the weekend went from clear, to rainy, to snowy, to near blizzardous conditions. So when we picked up the girls (Yogi’s daughters) on Sunday the plan was to basically stay inside, play games, and watch movies. That is until the girls convinced us to go outside.

They sledded, we threw snowballs, Yogi made tea, and I started on the snowman. I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty pitiful snowman at first, but eventually, at one point or another, everyone made it around to contributing to the snowman in some way.

Now, a question is always raised when I do these Bucket List posts, “would you do it again?” Um, is a pig’s ass pork!? I mean, Yogi and I didn’t work out (she’s actually in a seemingly loving relationship with someone else, good for them. I wish her the best, she deserves it) so it would be a little different this time around… But yes, hell yes, I’d definitely build another snowman! Who wants to build one with me?


Until next time, Frosty the snowman was a fairytale, they say.

P.S. I know, you were expecting a bigger snowman. Listen, it was my first time, give me a break here.

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