Kiddie Bars

So there I was, minding my business, on Kik. You know, reconnecting with friends that I hadn’t talked to since I deleted the app the last time… Right before I decided to delete the app again (no big deal, apparently it’s going away anyway). And what happens? One of my buddies decides to take a shot at the belt…


You guys can decide who you think won this one, and feel free to leave some feedback for the next time that one/both of us finds ourself in a rap battle. I’m really glad that I was able to start off with this, because the rest of this post isn’t going to be a fun-filled one.

Now… This post is about to take a weird turn. As I edit this and piece these pictures together it’s starting to come back to me. Mack didn’t just randomly call me out. I was in one of those weird online confrontations in that group earlier that day… I think this might’ve been his way of lightening up the mood. I actually meant to rant about this after it happened but figured that I should take some time away from it before I did so… Good call on my end. I’ll try to keep this rant short…..

So… Since when is it ok to be an adult expressing interest in minors? And how does a relationship being online make it any more/less acceptable? I’m honestly asking. Because the other day I kicked a guy out of my room (chat room, online, not my ROOM room) for being 20 bragging about sexting a 14 year old young lady, and after I kicked him out someone in the group came to his defense because “they haven’t even met in person yet”, “she approached him”, and “you’re (me, she was directing this to me, no one else) just closed minded”. And of course, while this was going on the rest of the chatroom fell silent. Is there a difference between legally and morally acceptable ages of consent?

It’s funny, I had a coworker bring this up to me not that long ago. He’s 21 and asked me if I thought that him dating someone who was 18 was wrong, “like, is she too young?” My reply to this was something along the lines of ” no, not at all… Not unless she’s still in high school”. So here, yes, I think there’s a difference between what is legally acceptable and what is morally acceptable.

I think in general the rule is (or should be) to keep the age gap under 4 years and you should both be either in the same school range or both out of school completely. I could be biased, because that was both the moral and legal guideline that I grew up with, but it really doesn’t seem all that “closed minded”.

Now, after I kicked dude out of my group, and after his buddy tried to plead his case, the guy private messaged me. I’m honestly not sure if I handled this correctly or not. On one hand, I wanted to pump up my internet muscles and let this guy have it. On the other hand, he wasn’t worth the little attention that I had already given him. At any rate, I’m not the least bit upset about Kik shutting down. Especially since it means that people like this will have one less place to find their willing/unwilling counterparts.


Until next time, age is more than just a number, but it’s still a number.


P.S. Here’s the private message we had after he got the boot. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think twice about the xxx in his name until I went to put the screenshot here, I’m not even sure if I noticed it before now… But now I can’t unsee it.

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  1. Congratulations on the rap battle!!
    Yes and i totally agree with you, that’s way too young and wrong, like the kid is not even a young adult, she’s barely a teen!!!


    1. Thank you. And EXFUCKINGACTLY! That girl is too young to even really know what she wants… Which says a lot about that guy’s level of maturity actually

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    2. I mean the girls obviously new to all this but I’d still say she’s a lil dumb!? But dang that guy has got a lot of nerve trying to act like it ain’t a big thing!!

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    3. I kind of want to know how young is too young for that guy… I kind of don’t want to know…

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    4. Maybe you should ask… Maybe you shouldn’t


    5. Haha I’m going to leave it


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