Captain’s Log Six Ten

Why do women (I’m sure that men do it too, calm down, let me have my moment) turn mutual breakups into arguments!? We’re not fighting, we’re moving on, why the hell are you turning this into a fight? It’s like in order to not be in a relationship with someone you first have to convince yourself that they’re a bad person. Luckily, I’m too busy to dwell on this right now… Which is actually a big reason for the breakup… Kinda sorta.

I have 77 unfinished drafts. 77! I might have to bring back the Unfinished Business posts. This new phone update is killing me. I just realized that I published two different Captain’s Log #11s. One is called “won won”, but yeah, it’s 11.

I’m not fixing it, just pointing out yet another mistake I’ve made on this beautiful blogging journey. Hats off to anyone else who caught that one. Never, and I mean NEVER answer a call from an unknown number while you’re taking the Browns to the Superbowl. Funny thing just randomly popped into my head, “I named my car after an ex. For better or worse that bitch STILL hasn’t gone down on me. ” I, I honestly don’t know where that came from, but now I kind of want to go around naming random objects after ex’s of mine. I really need to make some changes at work.

I miss her, like a lot. I mean, I don’t necessarily miss our relationship, but she is a wonderful person, I miss being close to her. Just watched an old man put rocks onto the train tracks and shuffle away like a little kid, made my day! I’m so confuzzled right now. It would be REALLY  nice if Instagram would stop showing me ads for different things to do in Colorado. It’s really weird to me when people are more comfortable putting pictures of their kids online than of themselves.

I mean, cool, it’s nice that you put your kids pictures up… But not when you refuse to post your full face and make it a point to only post filtered or cropped pics, it’s freaking weird. If you wouldn’t show your face you shouldn’t show theirs either. X Marks The Spot is getting a LOT of traffic for some reason. I’m not going to link it, you can search for it if you’re really that curious. I just realized that my 11 story book currently has almost 30 short stories in it.

I’m going to need some help deciding what stays and what goes. Maybe I should schedule these logs to post on the first of each month… Yeah, let’s do that. That was a MUCH needed run, so good. I think I finally figured out how to write this “Step Daddy” story… I should probably come up with a better name for it though.

I’d like to think that I’m one tough act to follow. Is it weird that I use my Camelback even when I’m not running? Like, around the house, semi often. Wow, that dream REALLY freaked me out, I can’t wait to forget it in a half hour or so. It Chapter 2 comes out next month! I’ve gotta finish that book. 

Lately someone has been stalking my blog, a lot. I’m spending way too much time on Instagram. Hit the panic button twice today, had to run to the bathroom before… Well, you know. Just got a “hey, my fiance and I are going to be in town this weekend, we should meet up” text and my first thought was ‘what would my ex think about this?’ It wouldn’t have gone over well.

I really do miss her, but more and more I realize that I’m not the guy that she wants/needs. Brogan Graham just followed me on Instagram, I’m kind of a big deal. Just realized that Soylent Green takes place in 2022, watch out for those new ‘super foods’. New name, same great taste! I will never understand women. I’m currently watching a guy watch his girlfriend change her flat tire.

Chivalry might not be dead, but it’s definitely taking a nap right now. Let me tell you how INCREDIBLY awkward it is to get googly eyes from a girl who is clearly with someone. Wow, I completely forgot about this Log. CRAZY couple of weeks! I should probably write about this… And there’s another challenge left unfinished…

Oh well. Noodle just met Mike Scott!


Until next time, let it go.


P.S. So… Noodle and I were walking out of Dave and Busters when someone passes us in a sleevless Sixers hoodie. We glanced, turned towards each other, and Noodle’s face lit up, “was that Mike Scott?” He chased him down, confirmed that it was in fact him, and asked if he could take a picture. I took that picture, then took this one of my finger by mistake as I tried to put my phone away. When I went to show Noodle the Mike Scott picture it wasn’t there. Just some random ones that I took earlier, then this finger picture loaded, but nothing else… Until like a minute later. Possibly the longest minute of Noodle’s young life thus far. As horrible as it is to say, I wish I had taken a picture of Noodle in that moment. I guess this will do. The idea of the picture not loading took every last bit of excitement out of his face. He was distraught. Luckily, everything worked out. Thanks again for the pic Mike, both of them!

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