Day 20

30 day blogging challenge

What makes you happy

Yeah… If I were you, I’d go ahead and skip to day 23. These next two posts are going to be pretty anticlimactic. The stuff that makes me happy is the same crap that makes everyone else happy.


Until next time, ask better questions.


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  1. porngirl3 says:

    Can’t answer a question with a question. 😝

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    1. Pfft oh yes I can haha


    2. However, I GUESS I can give a semi better response… New (and old) experiences with my son, a good runner’s high, food of almost any kind, and extended naps make me


    3. porngirl3 says:

      All of which sounds not shit to me. Lol.

      Kids, helping people, learning new things, movies, reading, sex clubs. You know. The usual boring stuff. Lol

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    4. Agreed! We’re going to have to be separated lol

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  2. porngirl3 says:

    What crap is that exactly?


    1. Um… Well… What makes you happy?


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