Hard Hat Award

I interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this important message:


It’s kind of a big deal… The Hard Hat Award is a peer-to-peer award within November Project where each Friday the current keeper of the hard hat passes it on to someone whom they feel embodies the spirit of the tribe (they recruit, work hard, encourage others, etc), more or less they are a good person, who strives to better himself/herself and encourages others to do the same… And my friend David decided to pass the award on TO ME!!!

Say what!? It’s a day later, and I’m still in shock. Not only because, like I said before, this award is kind of a big deal, but also because I received it from a guy like David who (adhering to my “don’t be a D, be a dude” philosophy) is a genuine dude… From slapping me 5 as I damn near crawled my way through my first workout, to distracting me from the elements with an “at least it’s not windy” during both my first rain and snow workouts (which is oddly more of a pick-me-up when it said to you and it actually is windy), to running along side me and swapping stories about whatever instead of the generic “almost there” that I’m guilty of giving at times, David is a dude.

It appears that we’ve come to the part where I’m supposed to talk about what this award means to me, but I can’t. Sorry guys. Between the shock of it all, my macho exterior (laugh, it’s ok), and the… You know… Indecisive emotion suppressing gift that keeps on giving (not herpes)… I’m honestly at a loss for words. So, I would like to once again thank David. And thank you to all of the other NP members (and leaders) for the hugs, high fives, hand claps, “you deserve it”s, and “congratulations”, it really means a lot! NP Philly… Thank you for being you! A better intentioned collective of people does not exist.

And now (in a couple of days) it’s on me to pass it on. Unfortunately, I’m not really sure who (if anyone) from NP reads my blog, so I’ll have to refrain from telling you or even giving hints about who I will give the Hard Hat Award to next week. I will however talk about who I’m not giving the award to next week…

YOU, because you aren’t there, and you should be! As my Mom would say “get off of your ‘do-nothing’ and DO SOMETHING” (get it, she called your butt your “do-nothing”… I don’t care what you say, that’s funny). There’s damn near a November Project tribe in every major city across the US and more than a handful of others in cities around the world. Get here! Or there. Or wherever the tribe is that is closest to you. Stop making me overthink this, just get to the workout. I promise you, you won’t regret it


Until next time, no regrats.


P.S. Yeah, I wrote the date on the back of my NP medal… Originally I followed that statement with “don’t judge me”, but after rereading this I realized that you’re probably not judging. You’re jealous. And you should be! But it’s ok, you don’t have to be jealous. Currently available for the competitive price of $Free99 you can attend a November Project workout and meet an amazing group of people who (if you’re in Philly) will award you a one of a kind Liberty Bell medal to commemorate your first workout!

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