Day 11

30 day blogging challenge

10 favorite foods

I LOVE food! I’m not gonna try to rank these in order because the fat kid who lives inside of me changes his mind quite often.

– Sushi

– Steak

– Grapes

– Pasta Salad

– Eggs

– Waffles

– Tacos

– Snow Crabs

– Brussel Sprouts

And last, but CERTAINLY not least

– Labia (c’mon, I had to! Don’t act like you didn’t see that one cumming (whoops)!)


Until next time, eat something.



P.S. Crazy thing happened the other day. I randomly decided to redownload Kik, at practically the exact same time that one of my friends messaged me on there. Her and her fiance were in town and wanted a tour guide. They were only here for a couple of days and I had already packed those days full plans, so most of my guiding was done via text, but we did manage to meet up late Friday for a good meal and great conversation. Oh, and some drinks! So, meet Sara and Rob, my Kik buddies from Arizona.

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