Day 8

5 current goals

Sticking with the theme of keeping this blog lighthearted (mostly) I’m going to skip the cliché “fix my life” goals that immediately come to mind and just go with the goals that I have for the rest of this month.

1 – Take Noodle fishing. He’s been asking all summer but between the crappy weather, crazy schedules, and honestly flat out forgetfulness we haven’t gone… Yet.

2 – Finish the story that I’m working on. I have had most of it done and earlier today realized that it would sound much better in 3rd person, so back to the drawing board.

3 – Have a good run. I started marathon training the other day, after taking some time off, and my recent runs have been mostly seeing where I’m at and making adjustments. Hopefully I’ll be on track at the end of the month.

4 – Finish reading It by Stephen King. I’ve started and put It down before. But, I just found out that the second movie is coming out at the beginning of next month, so what better time than now to reread/finish the book?

5 – Finish this challenge. The posts will last until mid-September, but I’m hoping to get them all completed and scheduled before the month is done… Or at the very least, make it the rest of this month without missing a day in this challenge.


Until next time, what are some of your goals?

30 day blogging challenge

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