Day 4


Your dream job

I planned to write about this, and even started to before, but it ended up as an extremely short Unfinished Business Post. My dream job would be a Philanthropist. If I ever won the lottery that’s what I would do. I’d find a way to give back. I mean, I’d turn a profit, I don’t want to go broke while giving back, but the focus would still be on making the world a better place.


Until next time, do better, and sleep well.



P.S. Funny story, I didn’t know that this picture existed until I was tagged in it, 6ish years after it was taken. Upon seeing it I took a screenshot and sent it to my girlfriend at the time, Lyme (we’ll talk about her later), who FREAKED OUT… Apparently the sight of me in uniform (even asleep, in the back of a truck, in California) was too morbid, seriously.

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    ❤❤❤❤❤ x infinity

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