Favorite Number: 9

Nick Foles

I mean… Do I REALLY have to even explain this one? Honestly, I don’t think we should have ever gotten rid of him. Nicky6 got hurt, we lost our offensive line, and then he started hearing footsteps and playing a little scared the season that he started for us. But, that wasn’t his fault. At the same time, if he stayed Chip Kelly probably would have stayed as well, so I guess it worked out for the best… Correction, it abso(you know I wanna curse here, but I’m going to hold it back)lutely worked out for the best! Big Dick Nick (that’s his name, don’t give me that look) came back to Philly, played his role as the backup, took over right before the playoffs, and lead us to our FIRST PHILADELPHIA EAGLES SUPERBOWL! And now, he’s back at the helm, and we’re back on the road to victory!


Until next time, Fly Eagles Fly!

P.S. If you’re wondering, if I HAD to pick a #8 it would have been Donnie Jones.

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