Favorite Numbers

I’m going to do something a little different, just for a little while. I’m going to go ahead and take you on a trip. We’re going to go through #1, #2, skip a few, and #99 (I would say “#100” here but it won’t apply) of my favorite players in Philadelphia sports. To clarify, I’m going to cover my favorite player to wear the specific jersey number, so #1 is not my most favorite out of the entire list, it’s my most favorite to dawn the jersey number…

1- Cody Parkey – Although he’s my favorite Philadelphia player to wear this number I couldn’t give him his own post because we’re playing his team this week. In the first round of the playoffs. The NFL Playoffs. Because the Birds are back in it! Anyhoo, go look him up, lazy bones.

2- David Akers – Cody Parkey may be the first name that I mentioned, and may hold the #1 spot, but David Akers is by far, hands down, unquestionably, my favorite Eagles kicker! At one point he averaged a tackle a game (I think… Even if this is wrong, he’s still a bad mother shut-your-mouth). Which could be both good and bad depending on how you look at it, but stop being a downer, Debbie!


Until next time, GO BIRDS!

P.S. Do I REALLY need a picture for this post? Go check out the video I linked. Or, I mean “and”, go check out my Instagram.

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    1. Haha I’ll try to remember to remind you when I get there


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