Captain’s Log Won Too

Between picking up a shift because a coworker is in the hospital and switching a shift because of drill this weekend I’m working 53 hours in 4 days then going to the field… This week needs a Snickers. Is it odd that I still think about cracks before I step on them? And that it feels a little wrong whenever I do? And that you do it too? I really hate being a punching bag. Especially in situations where I then have to turn the other cheek, be “a good friend”, and console said boxer.

Thinking about how many times I’ve had to wait on an airplane to finish getting repaired before I can get back on, I wonder how close I’ve come to going down on a plane. With that said, I wonder how close I’ve gotten to death throughout the years without knowing it. I’m not sure what made me decide to try and check my email while I’m out here, but I did, and now I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing that I’m supposed to respond to or not. There’s Christmas music playing in this store… In October. Just finished Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, it blew my mind.

You’re welcome! “With gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?” I really am lost here, was I supposed to respond? I’m starting to think that this isn’t going to go how I originally thought it would. 4 is the only number that when spelled out has its own number of letters… I think.

And here come the red flags. This isn’t where I parked my car. Please tell me that someone else is as obsessed with the Fergie challenge as I am. I really have to think about the books that I decide to read in public. I really hate when I run into people who blog in text-talk. Don’t, just don’t.

Spell out your words, completely… And use punctuation! It’s crazy/sad how relevant the themes from V for Vendetta are on this 5th of November. You know, if I believed that dreams had meanings I’d be pretty creeped out and confused by the one that I had last night. “Sunny” with a high of 54°? We really need to discuss the use of the word “sunny”, how about “less cloudy” instead?

It’s always so weird when someone asks how the military has treated me. How do you respond to that? I keep forgetting that people can see what I ‘like’ on Instagram. Nobody’s really that nosey though, are they? You know what would be really cool? A solar panel phone case!

Phone dying? Turn it over! Why is it assumed that all military members are conservative? Just realized that my book list was on my old phone… I have no idea what to read next! So apparently it’s not just me, the text is running off of the screen for everyone!?

How the hell do I fix this? How the hell did I do this!? Can the celebrities that I grew up with just hurry up and get ugly already? I’m too old to still have the same celebrity crushes. So, she still reads my blog? Interesting.

I feel like I need to make it a point to not get too close with online friends. What the fuck happened to my blog!? Hopefully this means that it’s going to snow on my birthday! She doesn’t know how to hold her utensils, how weird is that!? When your legs are sore after a workout is it better to take it slow and limp a little or to embrace the pain and force yourself to walk as close to normal as possible? Is there a non-offensive way to tell a woman that you don’t like how she does her makeup?

If you don’t like eggnog you’re not invited to dinner. Showed someone a blog that I wrote for them and got no response… literally nothing, just a change in conversation… I feel pretty low right about now. I’m pretty sure that I’m being ghosted, what the hell happened? And (completely unrelated) I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have to take down a couple of my posts, only one or two.

I’ve really missed playing spades, it’s always hard finding and getting used to a new partner.


Until next time, drink till you can’t feel feelings anymore.

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  1. Michael says:

    I’m sure you’re not alone in a lot of those things . I tend to count stuff in my head even with its words letters numbers Telegraph poles number of cars and then always try to even them out full stop


    1. Haha yeah, I go back and forth between 3s and pairs

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