Here’s what I do. Every so often I get an urge to go on Facebook and catch up on what I might have missed. Every time I scroll until I come across something upsetting, at which point I say (usually out loud) to myself “see, this is why I don’t Facebook”. This time was a little different.

I didn’t have an urge. Facebook somehow sent a notification to my Instagram (I’ve gotta look into that one), curiosity struck, and off I went. I scrolled until I came across a post from a brother of mine. The post that I included in the featured picture. I wasn’t upset. Actually, I was intrigued. At first, by the question, and then by the answers. When I first read it, I thought it was asking who should get paid the most. Then I thought of it as who is most important to the community, who should be most important, who do we need more/less of, and all sorts of other questions. Honestly, depending on how you read this your answers could vary pretty drastically. However, one thing remains the same (in my opinion), no matter how we look at this question, the frequency in which we ask ourselves this question needs to be addressed.

When is the last time that you thought of the importance/pay/social standing of the people in these occupations? ALL of them. When’s the last time that you were asked about them, or found yourself in a conversation about them? There’s more to being a citizen than just praising/bashing political figures during elections (and/or any other time). What about your “fellow man (or woman)”? Now, when your reading that, who did you think about? Someone of similar standing? Higher? Lower? What standard did you use to justify this standing? Is it social? Economic? Why do we look at others the way that we do? More importantly, why DON’T we look at others the way that we do (er… Don’t*?)?

I feel like I’m on the verge of going off on a tangent, let me try to bring back. I was going to throw in one of those “when did we stop blah blah blah” lines, but come to think of it, when did we start? When did we start to look at the position that you put at the top of your list the way that you do? Do you feel like most people agree with your list? I know, I know, you were hoping for another Alphonso Rant. Sorry to disappoint. And I know, you were hoping to find out how I feel about this… Well… I’m actually going to help you out with that one. Keep reading.

How do you read the question posed in this picture? And based on that, how would you answer it?


Until next time, let’s talk about it.

P.S. I loathe Facebook. So, I rarely ever go on it nowadays. And since I rarely ever go on, I missed the deadline to put my answers in. However, I do what I want, so I answered anyway… If you’re curious, you can go to my friend’s page and scroll through the comments to see my response.

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