N Is For…

New Love

Her lips, glued to mine.
Our hair, intertwined.
Cheek to cheek, chest to chest.
Belly to belly, her body’s the best.
Knuckle for knuckle, our hands are a perfect match.
I feel an itch, and it’s her back that I scratch.
Why’d she try to leave? I don’t think I want to know.
From here on out, I’m never going to let her go.
Every stitch and staple is perfectly placed.
Smiling back at me in the mirror is her beautiful face.
Even before today, I knew that I’d fit like a glove.
We are now one, the ultimate expression of love.
Her skin is so soft. This was meant to be.
Am I the one who’s wearing her? Or, is she wearing me?


Thank you Mirjana, for letting me use this amazing picture!


27 thoughts on “N Is For…

    1. But it does seem like that… You know she unexpectedly left, we don’t know her side of the story.. he is so blind in love so he thinks this natural and wants to stick to her.. it shouts Stalker but if you say otherwise then I’ll just assume he was just in looove


    2. I meant that he crossed that stalking line and is so far on the other side that he could barely see it… Especially now that he’s living inside of the girl that he stalked lol


    3. Eww cause he is literally inside her.. not metaphorically like that person is in my heart or in my soul.. this literal which is eww unless he is a baby so that’d be okay.. but imagine a fully grown man.. it’d be like Kronos who swallowed all his kids and they actually lived in him for a while


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