I feel like I haven’t given you guys a random thought blog (aside from the Captain’s Logs) in a while. Well, here’s a short and um, “sweet” one for ya.

Nightmares don’t bother me. Really. Seriously. It is an EXTREME rarity for me to remember my dreams, and on the off chance that I do it’s normally a nightmare. I’m used to it. You know what does bother me? Dreaming about work (good, bad, indifferent, doesn’t matter. I hate bringing work home with me) and having dreams so intense that they wake you up. Tonight, as I write this at 4am on a Saturday morning, I have just scored a trifecta. I was just catapulted out of an intense nightmare where I dreamt that I was at work. Fuck. That. Shit….
No. Hell no. No. Nope. No no. Fuck no. NO. Get the fuck out of my dreams. I’m not going to go into detail here, but I will say that the nightmare that I had was about a situation that I could actually see happening at work. One that I actually imagine happening a couple times a week. At work. Not at home. Not in my glorious California king temperpedic REM buddy. How fucking dare work invade my house in this way!
Now that I’m on the topic of sleep I should probably tell you… I’ve got issues. It comes and goes, more the latter than the former, but yea. The most reoccurring issue? Crying in my sleep. Yea, “what a bitch”, I know. It happens a good two, MAYBE three times a year. Almost always as a result of my father making his way into one of my dreams. Occasionally it’ll happen and I will wake up with no idea why. Is this a thing? Night terrors and nightmares I understand, but crying? What is going on here?


Until next time, sleep.

P.S. Speaking of sleeping… Did I ever mention that I used to train seeing eye dogs? Well, it was more just general command/obedience/house training and socialization. But still, I miss it. Anyhoo, while looking for relevant bed/sleeping photos I came across this puppy (yup, I just did that), meet Dana.

P.P.S. No, this is not a picture of me playing with Dana. We were playing, then transitioned to “I’mma play, I just need you to rub my belly”, and then to “I’mma sleep… Upside down… With this toy in my mouth…” And that’s what this is a picture of. I need a dog!

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  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Aww 😥 I’m sorry! But don’t be upset. You’re allowed to cry. Especially if it’s over your dad.


    1. I should probably take that part out lol I was trying to focus more on my job making its way into my dreams


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