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Originally posted 05 Sep 2017

I was going to wait until right before my one year mark before I posted this. But seeing as how I have once again found myself on a workation without time to write it’s fitting that this comes out now. While going through my drafts (and feeling pretty uninspired) I discovered something. Not EVERY idea that crosses my mind is a good idea. For instance, I grew up next to a hoarder; (yup, semicolons are back baby) I was going to write about it. Really? Why? I barely ever saw her, and none of our interactions were all that significant. Trust me, the story would have bored you. But for some strange reason at some point I decided to start a post about it.

Let’s be honest, I’ve published a couple thing on here that have made you unintentionally doze off, I get it. But that is in no way something that I wish to continue doing. Unfortunately/fortunately (I guess it really is up to Future Alphonso to decide) I have not completely thrown out those boring drafts. I placed them in the trash folder on here and left them for a rainy day. I mean, I’m sure that if I do decide to post them you’ll get some entertainment out of reading them. Even if it results in you laughing at me instead of with me. So where does that leave us?

Well for one, HOPEFULLY it means that I’ve learned my lesson and will have better content. It means that I am making it a point to go through some of my not-so-finished/semi-reluctantly published blogs and edit them. And lastly, it means that I will no longer start drafts knowing that I won’t have time to finish them and leaving them for Future Alphonso, that guy has enough on his plate already. Draft and schedule, that’s the way that it has to be. That is what is going to work best for me… BARS… Watch from 3:30 to 3:45, it’s only a couple seconds long, but THIS is exactly why I love battle rap. I know, it’s a niche thing, kinda makes me a nerd, but seriously, who comes up with this stuff!? Ok, I got a off track there.

Moving on. As I said before, I was going to wait and post this later but I guess now is as good of a time as any. I told you before that I am starting to write my first book. And so far, it is definitely not as easy as I had anticipated. So, I am going to need to take a step back from blogging. Well, half of a step back. Come January, when I hit my year mark, I will only post new blogs once a week. I’m going back and forth between either sticking to posting on Tuesdays or possibly posting a longer blog on Thursdays, maybe a Thousand Word Thursday thing? However, you will still get two posts a week.

My plan is to publish new posts once a week and to do a Flashback Friday thing as well where I re-publish posts from this year (2017), starting with the ones with the least amount of views. I’ll probably feature them on my main blog page each week as well, like I am currently doing with Birthday Ball. My blog has grown a good bit since I first started and as a result it has made it difficult for even myself to find some of my older works. Some of them need touched up, and I’ve talked repeatedly about doing this, re-posting them is just the push I need to actually make this happen and hold myself accountable. So, for my newer followers, I have a treat coming soon. For my older ones, I apologize for cutting my posting rate in half, but at least you’ll get two new posts a week for the rest of the year right!?

Until next time, write better.


P.S. I love this “life imitating art” / “art imitating life” crap! Definitely not “crap” though.

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  1. irunelite says:

    I’ve done flashback photos before… my blogging frequency will continue as is for a while, but maybe someday I will turn tryout Flashback blogposts!

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    1. Thanks, I hope it goes as we’ll in my blog as it is in my head haha. And I love the flashback pics on your blog, it kind adds another layer to your story

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  2. irunelite says:

    Flashback Friday is brilliant! : )

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  3. Jad says:

    Some of my most popular posts actually ended up being ones that sat in my draft folder for a bit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully, eventually, I get the same results

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